Application of makeup is every woman’s ‘birthright’ but going to bed without removing your makeup is a sin! So, make sure that you are patient enough to get rid of those layers of makeup from the surface of your facial skin before you retire for the day. While you can lay your hands on any of the makeup removers available in the market, you can also choose to go for simple alternatives that are both effective and easy on your pockets.



How to remove makeup: Easy homemade alternatives to makeup removers

  1. Coconut oil and honey:

Coconut oil is a ‘wonder oil’ that can remove makeup easily. By makeup, we mean face makeup as well as eye makeup. In fact, kohl, eye liner and mascara can be removed as effectively as foundation and blushers.

2. Milk and almond oil:

Prepare this amazing makeup remover as well as moisturising potion at home by adding a few drops of almond oil to a tablespoon of milk. Dab the mixture on your face and remove it with fresh dry cotton ball. It leaves your face hydrated, clean, smooth and refreshed.

3. Honey and baking soda:

Pour some organic honey on a washcloth. Now sprinkle it with some baking soda. Use it as an all-natural easy homemade makeup remover for removing even the most stubborn makeup of all kinds!

4. Jojoba oil and vitamin E:

Pour out the contents of a vitamin E capsule into 50 ml jojoba oil and stir well. Store it properly and use it as a makeup remover that soothes and protects the skin.

5. Raw milk and honey :

Milk is possibly one of the most easily available homemade makeup removers we can think of. Dunk a cotton ball in raw milk and honey and do away with traces of makeup from your face. It works well even for oily as well as sensitive skin. Wash your face and eyes with lukewarm water afterwards. It works best if you are not wearing very heavy makeup.

6. Olive oil and aloe vera:

If you have sensitive or dry skin, olive oil would act as a wonderful natural makeup remover. Just mix olive oil with aloe vera juice or gel and dab on  liberally on face and neck and wipe it clean! It is perhaps one of those rare makeup removers that not only does its job of removing makeup but also nourishes and moisturizes the skin thoroughly.


Thus, you need not use those expensive makeup removers available in the market if you can have access to this gamut of easy homemade natural makeup removers. In fact, these natural alternatives also allow you to steer clear from the chemicals present in ready-made makeup removers. These can also serve as options if your makeup remover is over and you didn’t get the time to go and buy a new one! So wear your makeup happily and remove it easily to look beautiful, always!