Get Baby Soft Lips with Simple and Easy Home Remedies

It’s all about selfie these days; girls go all the way clicking to get that perfect click. Every girl loves to look her best and a perfect pout is very essential for a brilliant picture. You might have your best make up on but if you have dry chapped lips, no matter what you do the people’s attention will only be on your lips. So having soft, moisturized healthy looking lips is as important as a perfect makeup.

There are many products available in the market that claim to give you soft lips but nothing works like the natural remedies.

Get Baby Soft Lips with Simple and Easy Home Remedies

Dry lips will have following issues:
1. Redness
2. Flaking skin
3. Dryness
4. Cracking
5. Tender lips

The reason for dry lips are mainly vitamin deficiency, sun exposure, allergic reaction, smoking, excessive licking of lips, dehydration, allergic reaction and harsh weather.

How do you prevent your lips from becoming dry and chapped?

* Drink plenty of water: Yes, hydrating your body is very essential to keep your lips healthy and to prevent it from drying especially in winter season.
* Vitamins: Check if you have Vitamin B, iron or fatty acid deficiency, as this can result in dry, chappy lips. Consult a doctor before taking the multivitamins.
* Stop licking your lips: Licking the lips tends to make the lips drier so control this habit.
* Exfoliate your lips: By exfoliating, the dead skin will be removed from your lips and it will make your lips baby soft. Make sure you apply petroleum jelly after exfoliating the lips. To exfoliate you can use toothbrush or use a lip scrub made at home. This will help in removing the dead skin completely.
* Carry a lip balm: Whenever you go anywhere make sure you have a good lip balm with you. Invest in a good quality lip balm and keep applying it to prevent dry, chapped lips. You can also apply a lip balm before you apply a lipstick.

Simple and easy home remedies for dry chapped lips:

  • top Home Remedies for soft pink lipsHoney: Being an excellent moisturizer, honey is great to be applied on the lips. Simply smear some honey on your lips and massage it on the lips.
  • Glycerine: Glycerine is extremely moisturizing therefore it is used in most of the lip products too. You can either apply glycerine directly on the lips or combine it with few drops of honey, especially if you have extremely dry lips.
  • Ghee: Take a small amount of ghee and mix it with a pinch of salt and apply on chapped lips. It helps in healing the chapped lips and moisturizes it at the same time.
  • Milk cream: Milk cream is also extremely beneficial. All you need to do is take some milk cream and apply directly on the lips.
  • Petroleum jelly: Petroleum jelly is the easiest way to heal dry chappy lips. Invest in the pure petroleum jelly and apply it religiously on your lips and see it do wonders to your lips. You can also treat them overnight to wake-up to super soft and smooth lips.

Your lips are a very important feature of your face hence takes care of it with these simple remedies.