DIY Natural Hair Serum for dry and oily hair

Hair get damaged due to various reasons like pollution, sun light, excess use of chemical product and many more. All types of hair can get frizzy at some point of time, Frizzy hair leads to loss of original shine and hair breakage. To regain the original shine and to protect your hair from the damage use homemade hair serum which just acts as protective coat to your hair.

DIY Natural Hair Serum for dry and oily hairWhy DIY hair serum? The hair serum product available at store are loaded with silicon, applying this on hair gives instant smooth and shine but it leads to weaken and hair breakage after extended use.

DIY Hair Serum for oily hair 

If you’re having oily hair than the first thing to keep in consideration is to select the ingredient that are lighter. Coconut oil and jojoba oil are lighter compared to the other oil, so you can opt any one among them. Now mix this ingredient with few drops of any essential oil. Shake both the ingredients well and store in an airtight bottle. Now your hair serum is ready to use, apply this on dry or damp hair. This helps to retain the hair moisture and also prevents excess oil.

DIY Hair Serum for Dry hair

The dry hair  leads to split ends, dull hair and breakage. The best base for the serum for the dry is castor oil. Take 100ml of castor oil and mix with few drops of essential oil preferably rosewater and lavender as it suits well for the dry hair. Shake well and store it in an airtight bottle. you can also add 20ml of coconut oil to this if you feel consistency of castor oil is very thick, apply this on dry or damp hair. DIY coconut oil hair spray to treat dry, damaged and frizzy hair >>

Hair tips

  •  Avoid excess use of hair styling machine as it damages your hair.
  • Apply homemade hair serum thrice a week as it acts as a protective sheet to your hair and repairs the damaged hair.

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