DIFFERENT WAYS TO USE DEAD FLOWERS AT HOME I’m sure you must love flower and you always them to be in and around you. Flowers are so delicate in their appearance which always tends to add beauty to the nearby area. A flown grown flower is a beautiful sight to be seen but when the flower stars drying, they are mostly dead away. Dead flowers can be used in various different ways in the home to decorate.

Dead flowers should never be trashed way in dustbin. If you have beloved flowers to increase the beauty of the home, after reading this post I’m sure you would preserve the dead flowers at home too. Here are few simple tricks and tips that can help to decorate in different ways with the help of dead flowers.

  1. Keep them dried

You can always keep them dried in some plastic bowl or a beautiful show case. Dry and dead flowers tend to look dull and also shrink in size, but they never lose its color. They can dry and preserves in a beautiful vessel.

  1. Help to freshen the car

Dried flowers help to freshen up the car. They mostly posses the fragrance for most of the time and they possess the smell up to a week. You can stoke all the dried petals in a pair of socks, tie it tightly and keep it in a corner of the car seats. You can also use the same process to freshen up the drawer too.

  1. Used to decorate areas

You can simply use dried and dead flowers to decorate small piece of land. Rangoli made out of dead flowers and petals always looks much beautiful and excellent than the colors in them. You can use dried petals to decorate your books too.

  1. Hang them

If you have the entire flowers which are dried up, you can hang them in the string just like you do the cloths. Hanging dread flowers looks much more amazing and also adds beauty to the home.

  1. Frame them

You can also make a personalize gift from dead flowers and rose petals. If you are looking for a personal touch with someone special, you can make a frame out of rose petals to present it to someone over the amazing night. You can collect and mix them with some more fresh flowers.

  1. Make potpourri

Once they’re dried, flowers make for amazing aromatherapy. Take our potpourri recipes for a spin; dump your creation into an adorable basket or glass jar and use anywhere in your home.

7. Use them as a cleaner

Blend a quarter cup of flowers with one cup of baking soda and a tablespoon of salt. Let sit for 10 minutes and sprinkle on your carpet before bed. Vacuum the petals and now you can enjoy the Fragrance.

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