Is vinegar really a skin care product? Now we are in the age where kitchen ingredients we used in the beauty routine. Vinegar can actually be used over face to get a naturally glowing and clean face. You might be familiar with all the benefits of vinegar in cooking, but you will be amazed to know the different benefits of vinegar over face.

CLARIFY YOUR SKIN WITH VINEGARBesides enhancing your taste buds and making easy simple, it is a useful ingredient which can be used equally in kitchen as well as face. So, here are some amazing benefits of vinegar over face.

Soft and smooth skin

Vinegar has great astringent and calming properties which help to keep your skin smooth and soft. This does not mean you need to take a bath with full of vinegar which is obviously going to burn the skin. All you need to do is mix some organic apple cider vinegar with the bathing water or with the body wash to get the amazing effects.

Reduce odor.

For people who perspire more and alot in all the season, vinegar should be your best friend. Vinegar has strong properties which help to control the sweat on the body and also helps in reducing the awful odor releases. You can rub some vinegar over your armpits and the area you sweat alot.

After shaving

Yes, vinegar is a helpful ingredient to be used after shaving. It has great astringent properties which help to reduce the red bumps and itching over skin. As soon as you are done with the shaving process, apply some vinegar over the shaved area with the help of a cotton ball.


Useful for oil skin – Vinegar can also be used over oily skin. The biggest combat about this skin type is they release too much of oil over face and there is no proper escape to it. Using vinegar over oily skin can help to combat the problem. DIY clear skin toner >>

Treats stinky feet’s

Stinky feet’s are the most common problem between people who sweat alot. If you sweat alot there are maximum chances your feet’s might sweat and stink too. Due to sweat over feet various bacteria inhibit over this area which results in various awful smells. Submerging your feet’s in a tub filled with water and two ounce of vinegar can help to reduce the smell.

Sunburn relief

Vinegar is a great ingredient to give you a sunburn relief too. Mix 4 ounce of vinegar to 3 cup of water and submerge a clean washed cloth in this solution. Now stain out the extra water and keep this cloth over the affected area. Repeat the procedure twice a day to get instant relief.

Benefit over dry skin

Vinegar can be extremely beneficial over oily as well as dry skin too. If you have dry skin, then you are sure of having maximum times of large-sized pores over face which can be easily spotted too. Mixing apple cider vinegar with aloe vera gel can help to moisturize the dry skin and also shrink the size of the pores.

These were some of the amazing benefits of vinegar over face and we would like you to come with some more.