Hydrotherapy, or improving the health by using water of different temperatures is well known. Cold water remedies is a common thing in every home and you must be using it for a variety of ailments. Cold water remedy might not actually treat the problem like ‘Abrakadabra’ but it can help ease the symptoms and keep you from feeling miserable. Here are some cold water remedies you can try for different problems:



Cold water remedy works wonders for migraine headaches. First, stand in water which is of room temperature for 2 minutes. Warm water too will do. Then, stand in cold water for 2 minutes. Alternate back and forth for 20 minutes to increase blood flow and circulation. This will increase blood flow to the brain and will soothe the pain.


We all are aware of cold water benefits for hair. Hot water strips the hair of its moisture and eventually makes it dry and frizzy. This is because dry hair has open shafts and splits open up. When you wash your hair with cold water, it closes the hair shafts and splits thereby preventing moisture loss. This keeps the hair soft and silky. And since the hair shafts/cuticle is closed, it can reflect light better and make your hair shiny.


Cold water can reduce the dark circles when used religiously. Simply splash cold water on your eyes and around multiple times a day or when you feel your eyes are tired due to prolonged usage of computers. It can soothe the muscles and prevent wrinkling and darkening. You may also dip a cotton ball in chilled water and keep it on your eyes for 5 minutes.


Just like cold water keeps your hair healthy, similarly it keeps your skin healthy too. It is best to have a cold shower or finish off your bath with cold water since cold water closes your pores and stimulates your nervous system. Cold water also improves your skin tone, and gives it a younger healthier appearance. Ice cube facial for wrinkle free skin.


Cold water reduces inflammation in the feet. Fill one bucket with cold water. Sit in a comfortable chair; dip your feet in the water until the water becomes warm. Keep your feet in the water for additional 15 minutes after it has become warm. Finally, end with cold foot bath. Another option is to apply an ice pack for 10 minutes to reduce pain.


Cold water is long known for soothing a burn and healing it. If you have accidently burnt yourself, simply submerge the area in cold water.  Can’t submerge? Run cold water over the burn. Continue to use cold water for 20 minutes. You may also apply ice pack over the burn if it’s not an open wound. Cold therapy works by reducing the inflammation and improving blood circulation in the area.

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Cold water can be used to dry your nail polish quickly when you are out of time. After applying each coat of nail polish, dunk hands in a bowl of very cold water for 3 minutes. Ice cold water hardens your nail lacquer which helps dry it quickly.


  • Weight loss – Drinking cold water in between workouts can help you shed few extra kilos overtime.
  • Cold water can help you combat a hangover. Rinse the washcloth and rip it in ice cold water. Keep it on your forehead or the entire face until it gets warm.
  • Feeling stressed? Simply splash some cold water on your face. Cold water helps to regulate body temperature, slows the heart rate, and thus reduces anxiety fairly quickly
  • Cold water can help you sooth itchy eyes. Simply splash some cold water in your eyes or put few drops of chilled water in your eyes with a dropper.