Clear skin with 8 Natural Kitchen Ingredients

Clear skin with 8 Natural Kitchen Ingredients

Some of the finest natural beauty remedies can be found in your kitchen for a a clear, smooth complexion.


Clear skin with 8 Natural Kitchen IngredientsGram flour/ Chickpea Cleanser:

Go soap free to cleanse your skin. Mix gram flour with little water and massage it into your face to cleanse and spread the rest of it on your face like a mask to tighten the skin. Homemade natural cleanser

Cleansing Milk:

Using milk in your daily beauty routine helps to nourish and hydrate the skin for a radiant glow. Soak cotton pads in a bowl of milk and apply it on your face, leave it on for few mins before you rinse off.

Herbal Cleanser:

For a moisturizing cleanser use pure aloe vera, it helps to calm and soothe the skin while cleansing it for a softer, smoother skin.

Sweet Cleanser:

To prevent and reduce acne, breakouts and blackheads go chemical free and use raw honey as your daily cleanser. Honey facial cleanser

Citric Cleanser:
The acidity in lemon helps to cleanse as well as exfoliate the skin naturally. It also brighten and lighten the complexion. Cut a lemon in half and use it all over your skin, for a gentle as well a effective scrub dip the lemon wedge into some fine sugar to scurb off the dead skin

Oil Cleanser:
For a radiant glow, massage few drops of coconut, almond or olive oil on your skin and let it absorb into the skin. Oil Face Wash

Floral Cleanser:

For a refreshing cleanser use rose water, it helps to deep clean the skin from  impurities and refresh it instantly.

Apple Cleanser:

Dilute apple cider vinegar with water and use it on your face using cotton balls to not only cleanse but also firm the skin and fight against acne.