Clean your beauty tools – makeup brushes, clarisonic, Loofah….

A piece of advice that all the makeup artist give is that keep your makeup tool always clean as it is less effective and have a shorter life span, but they are the perfect breeding ground for bacteria too. So lets give you some easy tips to clean your beauty tools and also tel you how often you need to clean them.

Make Up Brushes: Make up brushes need to cleaned once in a week if you’re using it on a regular basis. Just grab all your brush tool and dip in the bowl containing make up cleaner or baby shampoo. Swirl each brush until no more product comes out of the tool then rinse with warm water. If you sharing your brush, then only cleaning would not be enough you need to sanitize them too, after the regular wash swirl each brush around in a small dish filled with rubbing alcohol.

Sponges or compact puff: Clean it every week if you’re using it on the regular basis. Just wet the sponge throughly and apply small amount of baby shampoo or makeup cleanser to the surface of the sponge. Repeat the procedure till the water is running clean and then rinse with  warm water. Once it dries off completely your sponge is ready to use.

Metal Tools (tweezers, nail clippers, etc): You can clean this after each use, as you use this for removing the dirt from nails, legs. First wash this tools with antibacterial soap and sanitize the entire product by either dipping it in alcohol or wiping it down with an alcohol soaked cotton ball. Dry it off with the clean cloths.

Hair brush/Combs/ : This often get dirt soon as we use it regularly, do clean it once in a month. Just remove off all the hair stuck in the comb and clean the dirt from tooth of the combs and brushes. Soak the comb or brush in a warm water with little baby shampoo and then rinse with warm. Do not dry your hair brush with the bristles facing up as water can get trapped in the padding, and encourage bacterial growth.

Face brush (clarisonic) : Once a week, remove the brush head and wash the handle using warm soapy water to remove any residue buildup. To dry the brush after use, rub the brush head against a towel for 5–10 seconds while it is powered on.

Loofah, puffs and bath sponge: Clean it every two weeks, fill the sink with warm water and add one tablespoon of hydrogen peroxide. Soak your loofah, puffs and bath sponge in it for about half an hour then rinse well with warm water.

Tips: Never use hot water to clean the brushes as this might damage the brushes.