Chilled Watermelon-Tomato Duo: A Healthy Twist to Your Summer Drink

Chilled Watermelon-Tomato Duo

Imagine a scorching summer afternoon with a glass full of cool, revitalizing watermelon juice. Just awesome, right? Watermelon is many of our favorite summer fruit. I’ve already shared the refreshing watermelon-yogurt smoothie recipe with you in one of my previous posts. Let us replace yogurt with tomato today and give the invigorating summer drink a healthy twist.

Chilled Watermelon-Tomato Duo: A Healthy Twist to Your Summer Drink
  • Watermelon – 1 medium-sized bowl
  • Tomato – 2 medium-sized
  • Ginger – 1”
  • Rock salt – 1 tablespoon / as required
  1. Remove the skin of the watermelon and discard the seeds. Now, cut it into small bite-sized pieces.
  2. Make thin slices of the tomatoes.
  3. Peel off the ginger and either chop it up finely or grate it manually.
  4. Now, pour all the ingredients inside the jar of the mixer grinder and mix well. The consistency of the mixture should be neither too thick nor too thin.
  5. Pour it into a large bowl and put inside the refrigerator. It tastes the best when served chilled.
  6. After 1-1.5 hours, take the bowl out and transfer the concoction to serving glasses.
  7. Enjoy!



  • Pick watermelon that is red and juicy enough. It should also have a very sweet taste in order to counterbalance the sourness of the tomato.
  • The tomatoes should be deep red and perfectly ripe. It will help you get that awesome sweet-n-sour drink.
  • If any of the two tastes become considerably stronger, add 1-2 teaspoons sugar to the beverage so that it gets neutralized.
  • Rock salt can be replaced with sea salt or black salt.
  • In case you want to discard the tomato seeds, just strain the liquid after blending.
  • A dash of chat masala can also be sprinkled over the drink to add a spicy flavor to it.

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