When we enter teenage, we are introduced to this cup-shaped product that supports the growing breasts. The girls wear bra as they are instructed to. They aren’t aware of the reasons for wearing a bra, nor do they have any guts to question their moms. There are no clear-cut instructions given to wear it. Neither are the benefits of wearing a bra is exposed to them. Thus, we  hardly possess any knowledge regarding a bra. The quality and size of the bra has a lot of impact on the breasts. Here are the basic Bra rules and law that you didn’t know:


Wear a bra: It is  just not worn to prevent the breasts from hanging. There are medical reasons behind it. The weight of the back, shoulder and neck is also been taken care when you wear a bra. Thus, do not be braless. You can opt for a cotton bra or a halter neck when you hit the bed. Most of the girls do not like putting them on when they sleep.

Revealer bra or concealer bra: There are times when a strap pops out from your dress, indicating the color of the bra that you have worn. It becomes embarrassing most of the times. If you do not want your bra to be seen through your clothes, wear a light-colored one if your top is light. If you are dark-skinned, opt for a dark-colored bra. You can also go with a similar color bra that matches your shirt. This will save you from being embarrassed. Never wear a skin colored bra.

Know your bra size: This is the common mistake that most of the girls make. They are hardly aware of their exact bra size. If you dislike talking about it in the store, take a measurement tape and measure your breast size. This isn;t sufficient to purchase a bra. The brand size differs. Go to the specific outlet and opt for a trial. If your boobs are perfectly set in the cups, this bra is perfect for you. You must allow your boobs to breathe as well. Thus, if you are able to insert 2 fingers in between the center of the back and bra, the bra is perfect for you. The gore must be well flushed with sternum.

Washing bra: Hand wash is the best way to preserve the bra quality. The machines can be used but it will affect the stretching pattern of your bra. Have 7 bras for 7 days a week. This will allow you to watch on weekends or at one stretch. You will not be tempted to throw the bra in the washing machine. Allow it to dry naturally. Use clips on both the straps to prevent it from hanging

Storage: Do not leave your hook clasp open. They are likely to get stuck with other clothes or things. Fasten it, fold it and store it in the drawer. You can slightly iron it to keep it wrinkle free.

Replace old bras: Do not keep dragging the old bras for a long time. There are clues which indicates that the bra needs to be changed. If you have added weight on your boobs, the size of the bra must be changed. Do not squeeze your breasts in it. If your bra rides up at the back, change it. If the underwire of the bra is sticking out, the bra needs a replacement.

Follow these simple rules while purchasing and wearing a bra. A wrong bra can hamper the size of your breasts.