BEST WAYS TO USE YOUR MASCARA WANDHave a great collection of mascara wands? Not sure what to do with it? Here  are few tips to use your mascara wand:

Eyebrow brush:

An eyebrow can define your beauty. It can sometimes give a complete different look to your personality. Trimming your eyebrow is just not enough every time, it needs to be brushed everyday to get that perfect eye shape. The first step is to sanitize your mascara wand. Take the mascara wand and wash it off with a detergent. There could be high chances of bacteria clinging on the mascara wand. You can also dip it in a bowl of alcohol and leave it for few minutes. Wsh it few clean water and allow it to dry. Now, it is ready to be used as an eyebrow brush.

Lip Exfoliation:

The skin is the most sensitive organ of the human body. The dead cells which have piled up on the skin must be removed to prevent further infections. What better way than using a mascara wand? Yes, it is very effective as an exfoliation tool. There are times when we forget our lips and focus only on face. The lips must be exfoliated too. Take the sanitized mascara wand and dip it in vaseline or scrub. Gently use over your lips and scrub on your lips. The mascara wand will be smooth on your lips. Do try it out!

Tame hair flyways:

Taming your hair is really difficult. No matter what gel or cream you use, there are flyways that spoils your look. Be it a pony or bun, the flyways will be there. There is a way to tame these flyways using a mascara wand. Take the mascara wand and dip it in vaseline. Just apply it on the flyways and they will be ready to set. A little vaseline is enough to deal with flyways.

Removing cuticles:

Manicure must be a monthly practice for all the women. The hair needs to be taken care to avoid it from breaking off. You do not have to book a parlour appointment every time you need to pamper your cuticles. Just apply your cuticle cream on the nails and leave it for few minutes. Take the sanitized mascara wand and buff the base of your nails. The ugly bits will be out.

Hydrating eyelashes:

It is just not the skin that needs to be hydrated, your eyelashes equally does so. They needs to be moisturized and nourished. If you wish to have a long eyelash, mascara wand can be a tool to assist you. Clean the mascara wand sich that it is bacteria free. Dip it in vaseline. You can also opt for vitamin E oil or castor oil olive oil as they all are equally good. Use the wand to apply it on your eyelashes. Cover both your lower eyelashes and upper eyelashes. Leave it overnight. Wash it with cold water in the morning. Repeat this process everyday. Guess what? Your eyelashes will be thicker and fuller.

Hope this article has been useful to you. Do not throw the mascara wand next time if your mascara bottle is empty. Do use it for other purposes as mentioned above. Let us know your feedback or experience on uses of mascara wand.

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