12 Best Ways To Use Your Hair Conditioner

Hair care is the most important part of our beauty regime. It not only adds to our personality but also helps in building our self confidence. Regular oiling, shampooing and conditioning will definitely keep the hair healthy and shiny. However, you will be surprised that hair conditioners are not just beneficial to hair, but also has vivid other uses. Read the following to find out the best ways to use hair conditioner:

12 Best Ways To Use Your Hair ConditionerRemoves eye makeup:

An eye communicates a lot without actually speaking. The skins around our eyes are very delicate and needs to be handled very carefully. The eye makeup should be removed regularly to maintain the sparkle hat our eyes possess. Squirt little hair conditioner on a cotton ball and use it as an eye make remover. It will leave no traces of makeup on your eyes.

Soften makeup and paint brushes:

Hate those rough and tough brushes that spoil your finishing touch? The bristles are normally dry and very hard, such that we find it very difficult to move them around flexibly. Apply little conditioner on the wet bristles or the dry bristles and leave it. It will soften them and make it more flexible.

Cuticle Cream:

Who doesn’t love manicured hands or pedicured legs? We all love the fair, shiny and polished nails. Hair conditioner can be a substitute to cuticle cream.. You don’t have to invest on a cuticle cream separately. The hair conditioner works. Smear some over unruly cuticles to soften before pushing them back.

Soften clothes:

Grab a washcloth, dampen with conditioner, and toss in the dryer with a load. It will soften the clothes as well other linens.

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Prevents Tool Rusting:

The rusted tools are infectious to use, hence tools have to be rust free to be used frequently. Apply a thin layer of hair conditioner to various household tools to keep it away from rust. It works!

Unclog drains:

Squirt a little in a clogged drain. Run hot water over it to lubricate the blockage. The drain will be unclogged.

Acts as a moisturizer:

Some of us are born with dry skin and some of us face this problem only during winters. However, skin needs to be hydrated and moisturized. Add a little hair conditioner to the bath tub or bath water. It acts as a moisturizer and helps to deal with skin dryness issues.

Shine your vessels:

Apply little by little to stainless steel appliances like your stove, refrigerator, faucets, etc. Buff with a clean cloth to get it glittering. You can even try this on golf clubs. The vessels with glow and get back the original shine.

Removes stuck ring: All of us would have faced this situation once in life time, where our ring refuses to leave our finger. You must be finding it very difficult to remove the ring that is hurting your finger. Apply little hair conditioner at the base of the ring as well as above the ring. Gently remove the ring and free your finger.

Alternate for shaving cream: Yes, it can be substitute to get rid from those unwanted hair. Apply in on the hair removal area; use the razor to remove the extra hair.

Loosen sticky zippers: Use a small amount to grease zipper tracks. This dramatically decreases chances of it getting stuck on other clothing or on you.

Resize shrunken sweater: Your favorite sweater is shrunk?? Soak the garment in a bowl filled with warm water and a squirt or two of hair conditioner. After a 2-3 hours, wring out the excess water out, lay it flat on the ground, reshape the sweater, and gently stretch the sweater back out to its original size, then allow to air dry.

Pain Killer: It helps you to remove the bandage without any pain. Apply a little conditioner around the edges of your bandage for the adhesive to loosen the grip. Slowly pull off the bandage without any pain.