Moisturizing your skin is very important especially if you have dry-normal skin! Keeping your skin well-moisturized is the key to soft and youthful skin. There are tons of moisturizers available in the market but they also contain synthetic ingredients. Here is a recipe for an all-natural coconut oil face and body moisturizer-

Coconut oil face & body moisturizer


Coconut oil- Moisturizes and nourishes skin. Heals dryness and keeps skin healthy and plump.

Aloe gel- Soothes skin, nourishes and softens.

Vitamin E oil- Softens and moisturizes skin. Also works as a preservative in the recipe.

Lavender essential oil- Softens skin and also works as a fragrant in the recipe.


Coconut oil face & body moisturizerDirections-

In a bowl, add aloe vera gel. Commercial aloe gel works great in this recipe as it has emulsifying agents but if you are using homemade/fresh aloe gel, you might want to blend the final product in a blender.

Add in melted coconut oil, vitamin E oil and lavender oil and mix or blend.

Store the final product in a jar and use it on damp skin after a bath.

If you stay in humid weathers, you can also add in ,melted bees wax to keep the product creamy.

The product will last for about 1 month in cool and dry place if you use commercial aloe gel. In case of fresh aloe, the shelf life of product is 3-4 days in refrigerator. READ MORE – Coconut Hair Spray for dry, frizzy and damaged hair

Coconut oil face & body moisturizer

**Caution- Patch test before using.