7 Best Ayurvedic Herbs to Detoxify

Detoxifying is the key principle when it comes to maintaining your youth and vitality, while reversing your ageing. Internal purification, when done the Ayurvedic way, cleanses you thoroughly, promoting your overall well-being. While Kaya Kalpa is the ultimate Ayurvedic detoxification process, it is almost next to infeasible these days.

Panchakarma is the most common among the cleansing process that is done under medical expertise. Both these processes need dedicated time, which we all lack in this hectic world. That is where the Ayurvedic detoxifying herbs help you. Here are 7 such herbs that you can include in your daily regimen, without incurring any worrisome side effects…

Triphala: A mixture of 3 different fruits, it is one of the most commonly prescribed cleansing solution. Indian Gooseberry [Amalaki – Emblica Officinalis], Haritaki [Chebulic Myrobalan], and Bibhitaki [Bellirica Myrobalan] in equal proportion make up this herb. All the three fruits work towards cleansing the digestive traction and colon, detoxifying the entire body, and empowering better assimilation. When consumed along with Guggul, it is one of the most effective Ayurvedic weight loss solution.

Turmeric: This is a very common kitchen ingredient in the Indian households. What is lesser known is its blood purification and cleansing properties. A very powerful antioxidant, Turmeric when used in Neem cleanses your entire body, preventing premature ageing. It detoxifies the liver and aids in fat metabolism too.

Trikatu: Revamp your digestive system with a fiery Ayurvedic herb mix. Dried ginger, long pepper, and black pepper are mixed in equal proportions in this cleansing solution. They cleanse the colon and purifies the circulatory system, thereby stimulating digestion and restoring your digestive fire.

Meshashringi: Called scientifically as Gymnema Sylvestre, it is nicknamed as the sugar killer. It cleanses the pancreases by eliminating the excessive sugar, enabling the normal functioning of the gland. It also detoxifies the blood and lowers the level of blood sugar. No wonder it is quite popular among the diabetics.

Manjistha: The ultimate lymphatic system cleanser, it is the best bet for blood purification. A potential liver purifying agent, it is also known to clean your kidneys and pancreas, paving way for overall health. The antioxidant scavenging nature enables it to detoxify the brain, safeguarding it from tumors.

Neem: Neem is one of the most touted solutions for acne and pimples. The reason – its effective and efficient blood detoxifying and purifying nature. This bitter herb is a powerful anti-inflammatory agent too. It is well-known for its wound healing, sugar level maintaining, and weight loss promoting properties too.

Karela: Bitter gourd or bitter melon, as it is commonly known, karela is an Ayurvedic fruit that is quite popular in Indian kitchens. Packed with iron and fiber, it is a potential source of calcium, potassium, and assorted vitamins. A well-known blood purifier, it is a powerful detoxifier too. It supports liver and pancreatic health, while regulating the levels of cholesterol and triglycerides…

So, what is your pick when it comes to Ayurvedic herbs for detoxifying? Are you using something? If yes, share with us your choice and views….