Yoga to nourish your mind and body

So you thought that weight loss was the only reason for turning to yoga? Think again. I shall give you several other reasons due to which yoga has been considered best.

Yoga in general is just partially understood as being limited to asanas however the benefits of these asana know no boundaries in reality. The best offering of yoga however is the overall harmony in life, which makes the journey of life happier, calmer and fulfilling.

Let us learn about the benefits of yoga:

Inner peace: What do we all do generally if we feel the need to get peace of mind? We go to some serene environment or a place with natural greenery and lush. Well we have a better option of finding the same inner peace with yoga. Yoga calms the disturbed mind and endows tranquillity and peace. It throws away the negative energy and puts in positive energy inside our mind.

High energy: Are you one of those people who lose their energy and vigour completely by doing just about anything, then yoga is what you should be doing. Multitasking can be an easy task if you imbibe yoga in your daily routine. Yoga strengthens the body along with the mind and thereby you experience the new found strength and start feeling fresh the whole day.

Great immunity: Our human system is an amalgamation of mind, body and soul. If all these things do not work in sync or there are any irregularities in the body, it will affect the mind and vice versa. The Yoga asanas helps to massage the organs and gives strength to the muscles. The breathing techniques as well as meditation involved in yoga helps in releasing stress and thereby improving the immunity too.

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Good posture and flexibility: If you want to attain an excellent posture and flexibility then you must include yoga in your daily routine. Yoga asanas when done regularly will transform your body into a strong yet soft and flexible body. Yoga asanas basically stretches as well as tones the body muscles and makes them super strong. This improves the posture of your body naturally. An incorrect posture could lead to various types of body pain.

Helps to get better sleep: An eight week practise of daily yoga-will solve all your sleep disorders. The breathing and mental exercises let the mind to relax and induce better sleep.

Stress relief: Get rid of stress that accumulates daily by doing few minutes of yoga that will calm your body and mind. Yoga breathing and meditation are help to release stress, detox the body and de-stress the mind.

Weight loss: Yoga is the best way to shed excess weight naturally. The sun salutations as well as kapal bhati pranayama especially are best way to lose weight. Regular yoga practise also makes us more sensitive towards the food our body needs. This is an added benefit for losing weight.

Other Benefits of yoga are:

  • Increase circulation of blood.
  • Helps ease migraine headaches.
  • Increase physical energy and immunity.
  • Tones and strengthens muscles.
  • Detoxifies the body.
  • Enhances digestion.
  • Relaxes mind and body.