Benefits of Drinking Water before and after sleep

Water is a fluid which fills major part of the world either by its liquid form or may be by its solid (ice) and gaseous state (vapour, snow, fog). Not just the world even the major part of body and all the body mechanisms of living creatures ( humans, animals, plants) are carried basically through water and its forms.

Its human tendency to neglect and be least bothering about something we have in abundance and easily reachable. So as to water, we never think about how important and curing water is for good health. With all difficulties we search complicated solutions for health problems which are easily tackled by regular drinking water. Like drinking water regularly, about 8 glasses to our common knowledge helps in improving digestion, cleaning bowels, stomach problems like acidity, ulcers, kidney stones, piles, mouth blisters, hydrating skin and hair texture, bad breath, easy pregnancy and labour and many other health benefits. However the quantity of water required varies depending upon age, gender, body size, climate and health issues.

Benefits of Drinking Water before and after sleepApart from the intake of water throughout the day, there are right optimal times to drink water that is before and after bed time which are supposed to be most beneficial. Here are the health benefits of drinking one glass of warm water before and after sleep.

Benefits of drinking water before sleep

Water nutrients: Chemically water is said to contain one oxygen and two hydrogen atoms. But it also contains number of minerals and nutrients unknown to us. Drinking one glass of warm water before bed time is one way where our body stores these valuable nutrients necessary for functioning.

Hydration: Our body requires hydration to carry out every external and internal mechanism. As the external activity do not occur at sleeping hours, body uses the water to refill and replenish the fluid content level.

Calorie burning: Drinking a glass of water at bed time is known to burn calories and loses weight. Water intake at night increases metabolism which burns the extra calories from within and thus losing weight as you are not consuming any calories.

Detoxification: Drinking a glass of water at bed time cleans up digestive system and bladders flushing out the toxics and clearing the urine.

The only drawback of drinking water at bed time is disruption of your sleep for urination. If you feel it too disturbing then drink water before one hour to bed, but do not consume any food after your last glass of water.

Benefits of drinking water after sleep

Remember that once you have drunk warm water after sleep, do not sip any beverages with a time gap of at least 30 minutes.

Hydration: No matter how much you have drunk water before sleep it is all consumed and used for refilling. So after long sleeping hours your body is dehydrated. Provide a glass of water to reduce the thirst, provide natural energy and renew cells. Especially the brain cells, where water acts as a fuel for sharpening of brain cells.

Removes excreta: Drinking hot water after wake up stimulates bowel movements which helps to flush out body waste, toxics and excreta and relieves constipation.
Removing toxics is a way for healthy glowing skin.

Allergies and infections: Many people have the coughing and sneezing allergies immediately after wake up. Drinking water helps to clear the throat and nose reducing the infections. Also provides relief from throat infections.

Headaches and morning sickness: Drinking water at early morning reduces headaches and morning sickness mainly while on pregnant.

Weight loss: Drinking water kicks the body metabolism and increases calorie burning potential throughout the day which helps to reduce weight.