Corn oil is also known as maize oil which is extracted from corn. It is used while cooking on large scale due to its high smoke point. It can be widely used in frying, cooking and baking. The oil is edible which tastes similar to sunflower oil. It is also used in various industrial purposes and besides this science has also proved its benefits over skin and hair. Corn oil is quite a healthy oil because it is composed mainly of polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFAs ) and low on saturated fat. Here we mention some of the benefits of corn oil-


  1. Immune system

Corn oil is high in anti oxidants which help in maintaining a healthy immune system. It helps to boost the energy in an individual and also helps to fight against various diseases. Due to its extreme benefits over health, it is popularly used in the south Asian countries.

  1. Strengthens hair

Corn oil is also used in making various hair oils which helps to maintain the hair grow stronger and also protect the hair follicles. Researchers have proved, oiling hair with corl oil for a month on every alternative day helps to grow them healthier and stronger.

  1. Natural conditioner

Most women wake up with unmanageable hair in the morning which may also add frizz to their hair. Just rubbing few drops of corn oil over hair can help to cut down the frizz and also make the hair look manageable and healthy.

  1. Split ends

Rubbing corn oil helps to treat spilt ends effectively. The oil is light in texture and also is non sticky, which makes it helpful to be used over hair without making the hair look greasy and oily.

  1. Moisturizer

It is also believed that corn oil is an excellent moisturizer for the skin. If you are not comfortable with applying corn oil over face, you can add few drops of the oil to your moisturizing cream and then apply. This would naturally help to moisturize the skin and also enhances the benefits of moisturizer.


  1. Lowers Cholesterol level

Corn oil helps to lower cholesterol level in the body. It various recent researches and studies, corn oil is compared with olive oil which helps in effectively controlling cholesterol and extra fats in the body. Corn oil contains high amount of phytosterols which has the ability to absorb low cholesterol in the body.

  1. Prevents heart diseases

Corn oil contains high amount of vitamin E in it, which is also considered as one of the anti oxidants. Vitamin E, is one such effective anti oxidant which helps to nullify the free radicals in the body which are responsible for destroying the healthy cells and tissues. Thus, corn oil helps in preventing from heart diseases.

  1. Treats High Blood Pressure

Corn oil has polyunsaturated fatty acids which has been proven to lower the blood pressure in a person who are commonly suffering from hypertension. Various heart and blood pressure patients have picked up on corn oil which helps them with high BP, by ensuring a healthy heart and even controls cholesterol in the body. However, as always, one should keep the consumption of fats within limits, no matter how beneficial the oil is.