Most of the times you are careful, but sometime it just has to be wrong – and there you get a cut. Razor cuts are mostly minor and most of the time, you dont understand the cut while shaving. You may actually experience, after you feel the burning sensation on the skin and there you notice a cut. However, right from minor to major they needed to be treated soon, as even the minor cuts tends to leave a scar right back at your skin.  Here we mention some of the surprising and natural ways to treat razor cuts.


  1. Apply ice

Apply ice to the cut immediately, this will help to shrink the cut and constrict the blood vessel from supplying blood to the area. This will make the blood flow slow down and eventually would get clot.

  1. Pressure can work

Take a clean cloth or a cotton ball instead and press the cut with the help of the cotton cloth. You may submerge the cloth into cold water, so that you don’t feel the burning sensation. Holding the cloth and applying pressure can help to stop the blood.

  1. Mouth wash

This will surely surprise you and we are sure you never tried this before. Due to alcohol present in the mouth wash, it helps to stop the blood by causing the tissues in the body to contract. You can apply mouthwash with the help of a cotton ball. Make sure you dilute the mouthwash before using.

  1. Deodorant

Most of the content used in making mouth wash and deodorant is same. Due to the ammonium chloride present in the deodorant it helps to cloth the blood soon. You don’t need to  spray the deodorant directly on the area of cut, but spray some on your finger and then rub instantly on the cut. This will aid in stopping blood.

  1. Lip balm

Rubbing some naural lip balm (not the tinted ones)on the area of cut can help to constrict the vessels and stop blood from flowing. Alternatively, you can also use Vaseline or petroleum jelly to do this.


  1. Sugar

You can simply use sugar to stop the blood from flowing down the skin. Sugar acts as a disinfectant which helps to kill the bacteria hailing on the cut and leading to further scarring. Just keeping few crystals of sugar on the cut and pressing it hard can help the blood to stop from flowing. However, sugar should only be used to heal minor cuts.

  1. Toothpaste

This is the most common and popular use of toothpaste. Due to various anti bacterial and disinfectants properties present in the toothpaste, it helps to stop the blood from being flowing.

  1. Hot water

Instead of using cold water, you can also use hot water to stop the cut from bleeding. Water little hotter than the Luke warm water can help to numb the area of the cut and resits the blood vessels. This will slowly aid in treating the minor cut.