Benefits of aloe vera for healthy skin and hair

Aloe vera is a plant which is found in low rainfall and dry regions. They belong to Africa. But now they are grown in warm regions like Latin America, India and Caribbean. This plant is used to treat with several diseases as well as strengthen body. Since ages aloe vera is used in several medicines but do you know they are benefit for your skin and hair too? Read on our list of benefits of aloe vera for hair and skin.

Benefits for skin are as follow:

Benefits of aloe vera for healthy skin and hair

  1. Dry Skin: Aloe vera can be used to treat with dry or flaky skin and regular use of it will give you ageless skin. Simply apply the gell all over the body and let it dry before you rinse off.
  2. Itchy Skin: Skin diseases like psoriasis, eczema and itchy skin can be treated with aloe vera as they contain anti allergic property. Smooth on a thin layer on the itchy skin to soothe and calm the skin.
  3. Glowing Skin: Aloe vera removes dead cells and produces new ones and which will give you radiant glow skin and healthy skin. Use it in a facial mask for a healthy glow.
  4. Acne Treatment: Aloe vera is very beneficial for reducing acne as they contain anti inflammatory property in them. They do not totally cure the acne but reduces redness and inflammation of the skin. They even prevent the burst of pimples and acne.
  5. Closer Shave:  Aloe vera gel is very beneficial to treat sun burn as they contains 2 hormones known as Gibberellins and Axim which offer properties like anti inflammatory and wound the healing,  as it is beneficial in healing the small cuts caused by shaving. DIY aloe vera shaving gel for a closer, smoother shave.
  6. Stretch mark aloe remedy: If you have a stretch mark than apply pure aloe vera gel to reduce them. Apply aloe vera at the affected area and massage them for 15 minutes and leave it on overnight.
  7. Anti aging: Aloe vera maintains skin firmness and elasticity as they contains anti oxidants like vitamin C and E and beta carotene. It even keeps skin hydrated so it helps in reducing wrinkles and fine lines.
  8. Lighten skin: Aloe vera helps to lighten sun tanning and hyper pigmentation thus makes your skin glowing and smooth.
  9. Natural moisturizer: Aloe vera is very beneficial for people who have dry skin as they contain natural moisturizing properties to keep skin hydrated and thus provide oxygen to skin for keeping skin healthy. Aloe vera is also good for oily skin as they acts as a moisturizer for oily skin as they are not greasy. Aloe vera helps to restore pH balance and produce deep moisturizing effect which releases natural enzymes and vitamins on the skin.

Benefits for hair are as follow:

  1. Hair loss natural treatment: Aloe vera can be used to treat with hair loss since ages at Egyptian times. Male pattern baldness can be reduced by regular usage of aloe vera as it rejuvenates the follicles of hair.
  2. Hair growth: Aloe vera contains proteolitic enzymes which help to promote hair growth. Massage aloe vera gel into the scalp for few mins for natural hair growth. Aloe vera maintains good health of hair as it contains good amount of protein. Make natural hair spray using aloe vera for hair growth>>
  3. Healthy scalp: Aloe vera has alkalizing properties and pH balance level of the scalp need to maintain and it retains moisture in your scalp. Aloe vera helps to reduce scalp dryness and itchy scalp by its anti pruitic properties. If aloe vera is applied directly to scalp then can reduce dryness of scalp. Aloe vera contains essential nutrients and vitamins which help to restore the moisture.
  4. Dandruff remedy: Aloe vera is used to treat dandruff as it contains natural enzymes which moisturize and soothe the scalp. It reduces oiliness from scalp as it has anti fungal property in it.
  5. Hair  conditioner: Use it as a conditioner, aloe vera has conditioning property in it as it helps to control frizzy hair and restore hair’s luster and shine and leaves hair smooth and silky. DIY aloe vera shampoo, conditioner and detangler >>

Hope this article is beneficial for you, so make sure you use aloe vera in your daily beauty routine.

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