Beauty Hacks You Can Do With a Spoon

Who says spoon and its uses is just restricted to our kitchen boundaries and not for beauty. Besides feeding your child with that little cute spoon, there are many alternative options of spoon for beauty too. Spoon can be put to number of uses to make your face look flawless and supple too. My friend guided me through the spoon hacks and they really surprised me. I still remember the beauty hacks practiced by her. Initially I was not able to digest the fact if spoon would really help me to enhance my facial looks but latter I was quite comfortable with the uses of spoon over beauty. Anyways, let’s gets acquainted with some hacks from spoon that every girl should know.

Beauty Hacks You Can Do With a Spoon

For those arches: Every girl needs to go through this condition once when she realise she need an eyebrows to be done before leaving for the party. Need a quick fix, don’t worry take a spoon and apply some Vaseline towards the curved part of the spoon. Shape the arches well with this.

For those extra colour sticks: Sometimes your lipstick gets too glossy and gives a tacky look. This is an alternative way to use spoon which will help you out to remove the extra glossy lipstick which may look weird and oops on your lips. Spoon does not allow your lipstick to bleed so always dab the spoon properly.

Before lip makeup: Dab some baby power towards the curved area of spoon and run it over your bare lips. The baby powder will remove the excess oil from your lip and also sooth the lip skin. You can slowly remove the damaged skin with the help of a spoon.

Solution to Puffed eyed people: Many have a habit to sit long hours in front of television or laptops with leave you with puff eyes. If this is the case with you, take two spoons and keep them over your eye, the spoon will soothe and calm your eye and also removes the puffiness around them. If you have every observed that you can see spoon is an eye shaped instrument.

Identify the left out area: Just running the curved part over your face over, will identify the uneven toning and the left out areas on the skin. The spoon acts as an identifier which helps you to know where your skin has left out of powder or makeup applications.

Acts as a concealer: Spoon is a natural concealer. After you have finished applying makeup on your face, run a clean spoon over your face which will make the makeup spread equally and evenly on your skin. It also removes the excess makeup on your face.

For long lashes: You can simple use a spoon to stretch the lashes upwards so that it looks clean, long and beautiful. You can also use Vaseline for your eyelashes to give them a natural and straight look. Be careful that the spoon doesn’t poke the eye.

Please Note –

  • Always use a freshly washed spoon
  • Wipe the spoon once with a cloth or tissue paper before use
  • The above points is not applicable for plastic spoon
  • Small sized spoon may not give you the expected results.

Hope you would like the tips given by me. Practise them and you will be surely amazed with the results. Have a great day ahead.