BEAUTY BENEFITS OF EVENING PRIMEROSE OIL Grown during the months of June through September, evening primerose are bright yellow flowers that open in the evening, hence its name. All parts of the Evening Primrose flower are edible; however, the abundantly nourishing oil is extracted from the dark coloured seeds through a process of cold press extraction. The therapeutic nature of this oil is primarily due to its essential fatty acid content, which is highly beneficial to all the layers of the skin. Here are the beauty benefits of evening primerose oil:

Evening primerose oil can be used to nourish nail beds and maintain strong and healthy nails. Dab oil on the nails concentrating on the cuticles and give it a good massage. Let it sit for 10 minutes and wipe. Can also be used for manicures.

This oil contains a good amount of essential fatty acids that prevent our nails from cracking and keeps them healthy. In addition, it also nourishes the scalp and treats many other hair problems.

The oil extracted from evening primrose seeds is very gentle and can be used as moisturizer to keep dry areas hydrated. It also boosts blood circulation which is helpful to treat tired skin and eyes. Apply it twice a day with a cotton ball for best results.

Liquefy your carrier oil and add equal drops of primrose and peppermint oil. Use it as a skin massager. The peppermint oil is an anti-septic that will cleanse your skin and the primrose will treat your hormonal imbalance. Plus, both of these are anti-inflammatory agents that will bring down redness and irritation in your skin. Rinse thoroughly and apply your moisturizer or choice oil.

In order to treat hormonal acne, you need to tackle the root of the problem- the hormonal imbalance. No topical treatment does that for you; it only treats the already existing pimples or scars. To take advantage of this evening primrose oil health benefit regarding hormonal acne, you can take an evening primrose oil capsule daily. You can also put the oil on your face directly.

Primerose oil can be used to tackle hair fall problems. Simply add few drops of this wonder oil in your shampoo and see the difference after religiously using for few months.

Not only does evening primrose oil hydrate the skin and increase circulation, it also helps reduce inflammation and keeps pores clear. Even those who don’t have serious skin conditions may want to use this oil to as a daily facial treatment.

You may also want to look for ointments and salves containing evening primrose oil for skin. When looking at the labels, the oil should be one of the first three ingredients because this usually means there is a lot of evening primrose in the product.