It is repeated thousand time in a year, I guess more than it “Water is important for your body and you should drink at least 5-6 litre in a day” tell me honestly how many of us actually follow drinking water religiously. We hardly drink 2-3 litres or a maximum of 4 litres after workouts or exertion. The post relates to every women, men and children who drink less water and try to actually intake more of it, but unfortunately cannot. Don’t cry your past tries; we have got some different ways to drink water more than usual. To know more, read on the post here.


  1. Make attractive bottles

If you are creative enough, you can make fancy bottles for your kids or loved one. The charm and the elegance that the bottle carries will tempt an individual to drink more water again and again. Every person loves something to be gifted from others or if you are doing it for yourself appreciate your work.

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  1. Keep Stocking new bottles

There is super huge variety of different bottles being launched in market every day. You can keep the old ones back and put in use the new one. Love wearing new clothes, jewellery or anything new? Discover your new love with bottle. Especially if you have a kid, instead of pampering him with chocolate and snacks, give him a bottle with cartoon characters on it this will be an attraction and push him to drink more water.

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  1. Eat spicy

No not for your kids! Try to include a bit spice in your food, this will automatically find its place for water in the stomach. Too much spicy is obviously not good, so include a little bit of it so that you drink water equally.

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  1. Include water based vegetables and fruits

You can also include water based vegetable and vegetable in your diet, this will help to retain the water content in the body. Water helps to purify your blood and also improves the blood circulation throughout the body. Watermelon, strawberries, grapes, peaches are best fruits that have enough of water in them and Cucumber, radish, Tomato are pure water based veggies.

  1. Time table

Make it a point to drink water one glass after you get up and before you go to bed. You can also set a reminder in your mobile phone or add a note when the alarm rings. Drinking water early morning and before retiring to bed really makes sense, it cures half of the disease there itself.

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  1. Drink fresh water based Smoothies

Love flavor? Go for interesting juices or smoothies they are great not only in summer but all the months. Fresh juices or smoothies help to balance between water and the fruit content, which keeps your body totally fit and healthy too.


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