Club soda not only compliments your drinks, but also targets interesting uses! The clear sparkling liquid looks very ordinary but has many extra-ordinary uses. Read on to know the amazing uses of club soda:

AMAZING USES OF CLUB SODAMINERAL BATH FOR PLANTS: Do not throw away the left over club soda. You may use it to water the plants as club soda contains various minerals essential for plant growth.

REMOVE FABRIC STAINS: Club soda can make a really good fabric stain remover. It can clean stubborn grease stains effectively. Pour Club soda on the stain and scrub gently. Scrub more vigorously to remove stains on carpet or less delicate areas of clothing.  20 best ways to use coconut oil  in beauty >>

FLUFFY PAN CAKES AND WAFFLES: You can make some really fluffy pan cakes using club soda. Just substitute water or other liquid that you add in these recipes and you will be surprised how fluffier your breakfast turns out to be!

HELP SHUNK OYESTERS: If you love oysters but find shunking them next to impossible, club soda can come at the rescue. All you need to do is soak the oysters in club soda for some time which will loosen them and make shunking easier.

TREAT UPSET STOMACH: This is the most common use of club soda. It can relieve an upset stomach caused by indigestion and hangover.

CLEAN PRECIOUS GEMS: Clean your precious gems with just a glass of club soda! Soak your diamonds, sapphires, rubies, sapphires, etc. in club soda overnight and watch them sparkling even more.

CLEAN YOUR CAR WINDSHIELD: Keep a spray bottle filled with this precious club soda in your car. It can be used to clean any greasy stain on the windshield and make cleaning easier.

RESTORE HAIR COLOUR: Club soda can be used to restore your hair colour which usually changes due to frequent swimming (chlorine being the culprit!). rinse your hair with club soda and it will change back to its original colour. Make your hair color last longer >>

REMOVE RUST: To remove ruse from any surface, just pour club soda over it. The carbonation helps to bubble the rust away. This technique can be used on rusted nails, bolts etc.

ELIMINATE PET URINE STAIN: Are you always annoyed at your cat or dog for urinating on the floor? Well, you surely need to train him/her that’s for sure but, what about the urine stains in the meantime? You may use a club soda to clear the stains and yes, it might help you get rid of the stink too! Isn’t that great?

CLEAN COUNTERTOPS AND FIXTURES: You can directly pour club soda on stainless steel counterparts and wipe it with a cloth properly followed by rinsing with water. To clean porcelain fixtures, simply pour club soda over them and wipe with a soft cloth. There won’t be any need for soap washing or rinsing!

Now that you know some really amazing uses of club soda, try these simple tricks and you will be amazed to see it actually works!