ALTERNATIVE WAYS TO USE A SHAVING CREAM Shaving cream is one the most frequently used product in beauty regime lets take into consideration reagrding both men and women. Both this group of people require shaving cream. Ladies effeciceltly use shaving cream for shaving thier legs and hands while men they need to regularly shave thier mosutache.

Shaving cream is now been used as a staple product which needs to be thier at everyon’s bathroom shelf. Besides using them for shaving, did you ever thought about using shvaing cream in some other alternatives ways? Yes, there are various ways to use shaving cream besides shaving.

  1. To get rid of fog

Mostly the bathrooms and the window mirror are fogged up every time due to the surrounding steam. It really becomes impossible to see through the mirror clearly, so you can simply rub some having cream and lather them properly before you pop up to shower. This will avoid the glasses and mirror to fog up.

  1. Hand wash

While on adventures trips there are time when you are running out of sanitizer or a proper hand wash. You can wash your face with the shaving cream as it is said, shaving cream also have anti fungal and anti bacterial properties similar to sanitizer. So, you can surely wash your hands with shaving cream.

  1. Paintings

You can make painting in a more creative way with the help of shaving cream. Mixing paint with some shaving cream can help to make the painting look creative. You would be amazed to know there are various painters who showed their creativity with the help of lathering shaving cream.

  1. Snow

Do you want to enjoy snow fall at home? Surely you can do this with the help of a shaving cream. You can mix shaving cream with corn starch to make indoor snow. So, now you can get snow anytime at any season of the year.

  1. Remove carpet stains

Instead of using a bar or detergent bar on the carpet, you can always use a shaving cream to remove the stain. This will avoid the carpet from being messed up and also ensure the discoloration does not take place. Also remember to use the shaving cream only the place of stains.

  1. Clean Jewelry

You can always clean your jewelry with the help of a shaving cream. Pearl jewelry is not recommended to be cleaned while other jewelry can be cleaned and scrubbed with the help a toothbrush.

  1. Remove paints from hands

There is no other ingredient which would work as great as having cream can do to remove paints from hands. Paints are mostly greasy in texture and also contain high amount of oil which does not get away from hands easily. You may always rub the hands with a shaving cream twice to get rid of painted hands easily.