ALL YOU SHOULD KNOW ABOUT IS AROMATHERAPY FACIAL Aromatherapy facial is not new to any one of us, we have been hearing about this kind of facial by someone or the other, but never taught to give it a try. Name me a woman who don’t want to pamper the skin with facial, I’m sure everyone wants to spend few hours which gives her relaxation and also intensifies her beauty. Aromatherapy facial is slowly gaining a new trend in the market, because of its method to massage your face with natural essential oil.


Although, aromatherapy is a new trend now, but the concept of aromatherapy and its essential oils were traced backed to 3500 years ago. Earlier only aromatherapy medicines were in uses which latter saw its expansion of benefits over skin. Aromatherapy is among the natural therapies and this is been adopted by women who love nature and want to be benefited with essential oils rather than the fancy creams available in the market.

Complete guide about the facial

Every woman differs in her skin type, so it is necessary to get your skin tested by the beautician. Most of the essential oils help to soothe your skin, but some oils may not be beneficial over your face, may be because of the skin texture. Aromatherapy starts with the same process like that of a normal facial but it is a complete oil game. It includes steaming, cleaning exfoliating, massaging and facial masks. You get this ultimate aromatherapy done in 60 – 90 minutes. It is advised to use essential oil extracted from plants and see no adulteration to it.

Benefits of aromatherapy facial

It is so true that aromatherapy helps to calm your mind and senses. The essential oil used while massaging helps to soothe the skin and also makes it glow brighter. The skin absorbs the oil which keeps it well hydrated and out of irritation. The essential oils are usually light in weight and have smaller molecules which make it easy to penetrate deep on the surface of the skin and also it has an anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial property which helps to keep the redness and irritation of the skin away.

Aromatherapy is packed with goodness of essential oil, which is beneficial over skin. So, if you decide to get an aromatherapy facial done you would be profited with the benefits listed below.

  • Helps to brighten the skin and gives insta glow
  • Treats acute and chronic diseases over skin
  • Treats clogged pores and also shrinks the size
  • Relaxes your mind and senses
  • Keeps your skin hydrated
  • Heals skin burns
  • Restores moisture
  • Detoxifies the skin well
  • Reduces eye puffiness
  • Dead skin

There are different types of essential oil being used in the aromatherapy facial. All these are few types of aromatherapy oil used in the facial. You can ask your beautician what would be the best oil that would suit your skin type. Also let you know if you have any skin problems before. Make sure you acknowledge her about any skin burns on face, if any.

You don’t need to shell out lots and lots of money to get this done. Aromatherapy can be done at home too. So, when did you decide to get the aromatherapy done?