BENEFITS OF SEA BUCKTHORN OIL ON SKIN, HAIR AND HEALTH So, have you heard about Sea buckthorn oil anywhere? Surprisingly, research has proved it various benefits over health, skin and hair. Now, it is even been used in some minor quantities in making cosmetics and medicines.

What is Sea Buckthorn oil? Sea Buckthorn oil is secreted from Sea buckthorn oil which is a group of species Hippophae. The oil is extracted from the seeds as well as pulp. The oil has high quantity of mono saturated fats, polyunsaturated fats, and ceratoid. The quantity of fatty acids found in sea buckthorn oil is similar to that of any vegetable oil. Due to its unique biotical and nutritional properties, it has been used widely in making skin and health care products.

Benefits of Sea buckthorn oil on skin Sea buckthorn oil is a great product to be used over skin. Due to its anti- oxidant, anti-inflammatory and essential fatty acids present in it, it helps to improve the health of the skin. Many of the skin care products include use of Sea buckthorn oil in their making.

Following are the benefits of Sea buckthorn oil on skin-

  • It helps to treat blemishes and scars on face
  • Acts as an anti-ageing serum and helps to reduce anti wrinkles on face.
  • Used to shrink the size of the pores and also treats the clogged pores
  • It helps to restore the hydration on the skin and also combats over drying of skin
  • Extremely beneficial on irritated and sensitive skin
  • It promotes skin health by treating acnes on the face.
  • Regular use of Sea buckthorn oil helps to restore the skin elasticity.
  • Extremely beneficial for treating rosacea.

Benefits of Sea buckthorn oil on hair

The main problem with the hair is its loss and thinning. Sea buckthorn oil is rich in unsaturated acids and fatty acids which helps to nourish the scalp well and also promises to improve the health of your dull and dried hair. Following are the benefits of Sea buckthorn oil over hair-

  • Prevents fungal and bacterial infection over scalp
  • Treats split ends
  • Helps to prevent dandruff built
  • Makes your hair lustrous and shine
  • Regularly oiling hair with this miracle oil helps to regrow the hair
  • Combats Hair thinning problems
  • Helps to add volume to the hair

Benefits of Sea buckthorn oil for health

Not to forget, mentioning its benefits over health. It is highly beneficial over a patient in improving various serious condition and heart related diseases. Here are few benefits of sea buckthorn oil over health

  • Helps to treat dye eye syndrome
  • Reduces the join pains
  • Treats athlete’s foot
  • Prevents nail fungus
  • Promotes healing of gastric ulcers
  • Prevents from liver damage
  • Helps to prevent arteries from blockage
  • Treats high cholesterol level

Sea buckthorn oil is not available easily in the local shops. However, you may order them online which is available in various sizes and bottles. Don’t worry you don’t even need to spend money to buy this oil. However, taking Sea buckthorn oil beyond a limit can prove adverse on health benefits.

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