Mineral makeup trend in 1970’s when there was not much chemical introduction to cosmetics. However there was a downfall in consecutive year due to introduction of various chemical filtered products. Basically mineral makeup is made out of all natural makeup ingredients which claim of no side effects.  A lot of brands are coming up that have a range of mineral makeup, but a lot of people still hesitate to switch to mineral makeup from traditional makeup; this is mainly because mineral makeup is comparatively expensive and you won’t have a lot of options to choose from as compared to traditional makeup!


Now the trend of mineral makeup is just growing and growing in women due to its healthy benefits over skin and giving more natural complexion than any other conventional makeup. Now the question arises is mineral makeup worth the price and benefitted better than any other traditional makeup. Now let us get a complete knowledge about mineral makeup.

What is mineral makeup?

Mineral such as talc, zinc, ion oxide are grinded well into tiny particles to get a makeup. Although, it is said mineral makeup is 100 percent natural but you cannot deny the fact there are many harmful substances used in mineral makeup which depends upon the company manufacturing it.



Mineral makeup products are kind to your skin, hypoallergenic, and appropriate for all skin types. Mineral makeup contains less of irritating substances in ingredients which are normally found in the traditional makeup. You need to be diligent about reading the ingredient label.


Traditional makeup products can get spoilt if kept under humidity all the time which facilitates bacterial growth. Mineral makeup although have less chances of spoilage.


Traditional makeup generally has ingredients that oxidizes and make your skin appear darker! This is normally the case with foundations. Mineral makeup although do not contain oxidizing ingredients but oily skinned girls should avoid mineral foundations as they tend to be matte and absorb oils making the colour go one shade darker.

Benefits of mineral makeup

If you are sure that the ingredients used in your makeup are 100 percent natural, you will be surely benefited with the result of mineral makeup. Here we list you some of the benefits of mineral makeup over face.

  1. Natural look

Most of the time you come across people who seem to have an appearance of a cakey face. This is probably because of the bad quality of makeup or its blending power sometime. Mineral makeup looks exactly natural and gives you a flawless look.

  1. Great coverage

The best thing about mineral makeup is they give an excellent coverage on the face and it is said less of mineral makeup is more to speak. People who have reddish or blemishes on skin are advised to use mineral makeup which helps to cover the improper skin.

  1. Oil free

Mineral makeup can easily be put on the face of ladies with oily and sensitive skin. There is no other makeup that finds suitable on oily skin. Makeup is totally oil free and also controls the extra oil released over face.

  1. Have natural sun protector

Most of the mineral makeup has a natural SPF in it which helps to Protects skin from harmful sun rays. In fact, Mineral makeup is one such makeup which you dreamt about in giving natural protection against sun and also flawless look.

  1. Light weight

One of the best thing considered about the mineral makeup is they are extremely light in weight which is very easy to wear on face. People who use mineral makeup have experienced their face with light texture then compared to any other traditional makeup.

  1. Easy to remove

Mineral makeup is extremely easy to remove as it is light weight in texture and even breathable over skin. Just 5 to 6 wipes can help to remove the makeup easily.

These were some of the benefits of mineral makeup you get. However, while buying mineral makeup it is essential for you to check on the ingredients in it.


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