Moisturizing winter skin treatment

Winter is soon approaching and the changing weather can damage your skin if not taken proper care. Our skin needs extra care during winter due to the change in weather, that can make your skin dry and rough. During winters our skin is more susceptible to damage which can cause chapped lips, cracked heels, dry hands, and itchy skin, so it’s extremely essential to take care of your skin by using face mask and scrub specially customized for winters. You can use face mask available in the market but for extra benefits and all natural ingredients, make one at home only. Here is our favorite recipe-

Moisturizing winter skin treatment


Oat flour- Nourish and moisturize your face and will make it look hydrated. It will also make your skin smooth and fresh looking. Has great skin calming, moisturizing and softening effects.

Honey- Is a natural humectant and keeps skin well hydrated and soft.


Things you need-

  • 1/2 cup oats flour
  • Enough honey


In a bowl, add oats flour and enough honey too make a paste.

Mix everything well and then spread this paste on your face.

Allow it to sit for 30 minutes and then rinse off with warm water.

This face mask will make your face refresh, revived and is a great remedy for skin beaten by the cold wind. You can do it 2 times a week for better and quick results.

Moisturizing winter skin treatment

**Caution- Use only organic ingredients. Patch test before using.