Ever one has witnessed a love of women for her sandal, actually they just go crazy on sandals and heels after clothing. However there are many varieties of sandals available on market but you should have some important pairs always stuffed in your wardrobe. Let’s check out 10 types of heels sandals every girl should have

10 TYPES OF SHOES EVERY WOMAN SHOULD HAVEBallet flats (nude, black, bright colour or print) Ballet flats are your versatile partners , they can be used for parties, working , or sometimes playing even. It does last for long time and they worth the price. I have observed you are pain free wearing those ballet flats.

Thong sandal Thong sandals are perfect to be worn in summer with ankle jeans, short dress or even a skirt. They bring add some of urbanity and chic factor to your overall appearance. You should prefer wearing them in black or shades in browns.

Pump Heels Pump heels are perfect for all occasions, but the colour you choose depends where it should be worn exactly. Try to pick black pumps always that would look great at work, night parties, or city outing. Pumps can be with flat heels or sometimes with pointed toes.

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Nude Colour heels Nudes are in fashion and the latest fashion says, pick all nudes and stuff them in wardrobe. You can prefer nude colour heels too, a pump, peep toe or a round toe sandal anyways would work better than anything else.

Stiletto boot You should have a stiletto boots for winter and spring. These are especially used when you are on long way to tour or planning to explore places. You never undergo toe pains wearing boots and they are must wanted in style

Espadrilles Another shoe that is good for summer and suites well to be paired with capris or skirts. Black or brown colours always work with these pair of sandals and they are must to be included in your wardrobe.

Kitten Heels Not too high, not too low. The height goes perfect t give you a soft feminine look. Kitten heels are great if you have planned for a city walk, as they just remain balanced on your feet and add some height to you.

Wellies Wellies are more in trend and can be paired with skirt, formals, dress or just add any informal sense to your dress. Choosing your type of willies is fun, as they are available in large designs and many colours.

Ankle Boots Ankle boots have driven every girl’s heart and they deserve to rule the shoe list. It adds prestige to your look and also gives you a comfortable walk.

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