Yeah! we know that raw potatoes have several skin benefits as they remove black patches, helps to tone your skin etc. But apart from that, when it comes to eat potatoes, we all nod our head negatively. But actually potatoes are not that big villains. Those are the extra butter or sauce you add to it play the role in increasing your extra pounds. Or oil in fried potatoes. But boiled potato is good for our heath.

BENEFITS OF BOILED POTATOHere I will discuss some benefits of boiled potatoes. They carry more carbohydrate but they have more benefits than rice which we generally take as our meal.

Low in calories– Boiled potatoes are low in calories. They help you to lose that extra pounds if eaten properly. Just don’t add butter or calorie rich ingredient to it. Instead add some herbs or good spice to it to make it tasty.

Low in fat- 300 gm potatoes contain approximately 0.3 gm of fat and 5.6 gm of protein. So actually they are low in fat and make you feel full after eating. So you won’t crave for food for a long time after having it. But don’t go overboard.

Rich in minerals– Boiled potatoes are rich source of minerals. They are rich in potassium, magnesium and phosphorus. Thus they provide the nessesary micronutrients to our body. If you boil potato after peeling the skin, it will lose some minerals and will be lack nutritional value. So just boil it unpeeled and then peel the skin off.

Contains high vitamins– boiled potatoes are rich in vitamin B6, niacin, thiamin and vitamin C also. They even makes approximately 25-30% of your daily vitamin C requirement. Boiled potato provides almost half of the daily requirement of vitamin B6.

High fibre– unpeeled as well as peeled boiled potatoes contain high fibre. Dietary fibers are essential requirements which help to keep the digestive system clear and problem free. Fiber also prevents the chances of colon cancers. Roughages help to transfer the minerals into our body from food and also help to clean digestive tract.

Phytonutrients- potatoes are loaded with phytonutrients which are organic plant substances. Some phytonutrients present in the potatoes are carotenoids, flavonoids and caffeic acid.

Lowers blood pressure level- Researches showed that potatoes help to lower the blood pressure level as well.

Act as antioxidants– Potatoes are also act as anti- oxidants as they are rich in vitamin C. They help to detox your body and cleans out the digestive tract. It also help to maintain the natural gut bacterial level.

Immunity and inflammation– Potatoes help to boost up the immune system and increases immunity against foreign bodies. It also lowers the inflammation.

Improves Brain functions– Researches showed that vitamin B6 present in potatoes help to improve brain function and mood disorders by secreting neutransmitters like serotonin, dolamin etc.

Though baked potatoes are more healthy than boiled as they lost fewer nutrients. You can also bake them in micro oven to prevent nutrient loss. Also the peel contains so many nutrients so it is healthy too though we are not so comfortable with the peel. But diabetics should avoid much potatoes as they are rich in carbohydrates.


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