Green tea for longer lashes – 

Green tea for longer lashes - Use green tea to promote longer, thicker lashes. Make some green tea and let it cool, soak some cotton pads in the tea mixture and place it on your eyes for 10-15 mins. Rinse off with cool water. You can also apply Chilled green tea bags on your eyes to condition your lashes. Using used, cool tea-bags on your eyes will not only improve circulation on the hair follicles making the lashes grow longer but will also help a lot with eye puffiness, dark circles, fine wrinkles if you have any.

Massage for longer lashes –

Massage for longer lashes -Massage stimulates the hair follicles along your lash line, causing them to become more active and improving their ability to grow. Rub the lashline very gently using your ring finger, apply a small amount of pure castor oil on your finger tips and then gently massage your eyelids using small circular motion for beautiful lashes.

Tips for Beautiful Eyelashes –

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Vaseline for longer thicker lashes –

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Stronger And Healthy Lashes Naturally –

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Oil for longer lashes –

Oil your lashes generously: Use a clean mascara brush for oiling your lashes.Use a clean mascara brush for oiling your lashes. Dip the wand in the oil and start applying the oil from the root of lashes. Make it a daily exercise. Almond, olive, castor oil or coconut oil, any of these oils can be used for lashes. These oils are rich in vitamins that strengthen the lashes, making them denser and darker.