Use Vaseline for longer thicker lashes

Use Vaseline for longer thicker lashesVaseline petroleum jelly not only can give you long lashes but also they look more stronger and  healthier than before. It will stimulate the hair follicles to help your lashes grow. Vaseline is also a great moisturiser for your eyes and also acts as an eye makeup remover. More: DIY 15 best ways to use vaseline.

  1. Overnight vaseline treatment: Take small quantity of Vaseline and rub with your finger tips to warm it before applying and then gently rub it over your lashes. You can also use the rest over Vaseline on the eyebrows.
  2. Natural EyeLashes: Use vaseline instead of a mascara for a natural look. First get an old mascara brush and wash it with soap until all the mascara comes off.  Dip the brush in Vaseline and then coat your lashes evenly like you would with mascara.
  3. Makeup Remover: To remove the mascara, take a small amount of petroleum jelly on a cotton pad or face wipes and swipe it over the lashes.