Yves Rocher is a French cosmetic company that is well known for their natural products. They have some amazing hair care range so I thought of using their well-known Nutri-Silky hair mask and here is a review on it:


Made with Oat milk, Yves Rocher Nutri-Silky Mask is a rich, buttery-textured treatment that infuses your hair with elements essential to its nutrition and repair! It restructures your hair without weighing it down, leaving it supple and soft, with restored body and vitality. The Plus: It is enriched with Shea Butter for its reparative power!


Packaging: The mask comes in a sleek and clear jar packaging with metallic brown screw lid. The entire jar including the lid is made up of plastic. There is an aluminium sheet over the jar to keep the product from leaking but I peeled it only partially to avoid the product sticking on the lid from inside. I find it a bit unhygienic to dip my fingers in the jar so I make sure I dip just once and take the required quantity in one go itself, and close the jar.

Texture: The mask is extremely thick but has smooth texture. I find the texture a bit tough to spread on wet hair; but you can take the product on the palms, rub both hands together and then apply it on hair- seems easier this way.

Fragrance: The mask has really mild herbal smell. The smell does linger around for a day, but I have no problems with it.

YVES ROCHER NUTRI-SILKY MASK REVIEWHow I use and after-effects: After washing the hair, I take the required amount on my palm and close the jar. I then rub the palms together to spread the product and apply it on my hair from shoulder-downwards. The mask did not feel slippery at all like regular masks and conditioners! Infact my hair soaked up the entire product and I was left with dry hands. I was confused whether to apply more but I let it go since I thought that would be too much of a product. Hair did not feel silky at all even while I washed the barely-there mask; you know the feeling when you wash conditioners out of your hair- it feels slippery and soft but that was not the case with this! Hair did not feel smooth or soft at all. But then I thought this product is silicone-free so practically speaking there shouldn’t be any slippery feeling. This did prove that the mask contains no silicones (the ingredient list contains no silicones too) and the silicone-free claim is true-hence proved. After my hair air dried the magic started and my hair was all silky and shiny! No fizziness, just healthy looking shiny hair!

I am so amazed by this product; it does live up to its claims and nourishes hair like anything!


Travel friendly
Silicone, paraben and colourant free
Makes hair really soft and manageable
Lives upto its claims
Contains natural ingredients
Makes hair less frizzy


a bit prizes but it is totally worth every penny
a bit tough to spread