10 Makeup bag must-haves for winter

Winters might be oh-so-frightful but you can get back that sprightly look without feeling the chill. Pep up your winter wardrobe with fashion-ready cosmetics that would give your face the silken smooth and dewy edge.

10 Makeup bag must-haves for winterExfoliating and Scrubbing: Sloughing away the dead cells is the first task that needs to be done. Use a range of mineral-rich face exfoliators that remove the dead skin cells. Make sure not to over scrub as it can make your skin lose out on natural oils.

Sunscreen: Sun protection is just as important during the winter as it is during the warmer months. It might feel cold outside, but that doesn’t have anything to do with the strength of the sun’s ultraviolet, or UV, rays.

Moisturizer: Treat your skin to oil-free whipped creams with barley and wheat germ extracts or gel-based moisturisers that rehydrate and nourish skin. In fact, sea kelp extracts soothe and repair skin.

Face Illuminator: Now that your skin is beginning to glow, gently brush illuminators on your cheekbones. They are sure to correct flaws and freshen your face, should your makeup start to fade.

Red Plump Lips: In the frosty winters, dark colours such as red, dark chocolate or burgundy stand out well on lips. Since bold dramatic colours such as these are generally suited for evenings, they can be worn during the day, provided the attire is simple and not very flashy. However, fair skinned girls can try out red shades with orange base.

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Mascara: Mascara is that super voluminous trick for your eyelashes that makes them long and luscious. Some of the international cosmetic brands come with innovative XXL brush delivering show-stopping look with their unique formula of building up on the lash volume.

Smudge-Free Stick Waterproof Eyeliner: The good old Kohl pencil might be there but what is fast catching up on the ramp and daily wear is waterproof stick eyeliner. It delivers thick lines that look retro and gorgeous, especially when you want to define your eyes for the occasion. And there is no such fear of smudges that can possibly ruin your mood.

Brow Pen: When you are doing up your face, keep in mind the eyebrows too. Don’t forget the fact that highlighting eyebrows is as important as putting a lip gloss.

Lip Balm: Protect lips and keep them soft, smooth all winter season with a lip product containing SPF.

Blush: The right shade will make you look like you’re blushing, not like you’re wearing blush. Invest in a good lip and cheek stain without having to pay for two separate products.

Happy shiny and luminous skin this winter!