ways to use Witch Hazel in your beauty Routine

Witch hazel is one such ingredients which is used in most of the skin care products all over. It has wide variety of benefits and you can find these easily in the stores and online sites. They really work great on the skin related problems. Check out how to use witch hazel to your beauty routine and the skin problems that can be treated from witch Hazel.

ways to use Witch Hazel in your beauty Routine

Fight against acne:

Witch hazels natural astringent can help to control by reducing inflammation and decreasing oil. Just use it as you use a toner and regular use of this helps to reduce the acne and blemishes.

Puffy eyes:

One the common problem in the skin care is the puffy eyes and I personally try this one as I always face this. Just soak a cotton ball with some witch hazel and run it on the closed eyes for five minutes, this will tighten your skin and reduce it.

To treat Varicose Veins:

The natural astringent in the witch hazel helps to treat many of the skin related issues, it also helps in reducing inflammation and swelling. Simply Soak the cloth in the witch hazel and place on the affected area. Do this on the regular basis to reduce the varicose veins naturally.

To gain a Fresh Skin:

Your skin often turns dull and specially for a lady fresh skin matters a lot to get that confidence to face the meeting, party and any other important occasion. You can use witch hazel anytime and feel fresh skin instantly. It also helps in reducing the pore size. You just dap some witch hazel on a cotton ball and get a fresh clean skin instantly. Regular use of this turns your skin smoother and gets glow in the skin.

Acts as  natural Moisturizer:

Witch hazel is an excellent skin moisturizer. It does get rid of excess oil but also helps to eliminate the water loss and improves hydration to get the outer layer of the skin.

Treats sunburn and razor burn:

Sun burn and razor burn are two common things our skin always goes through, and treating them naturally is one of the best way then spending money on expensive cosmetics. Using witch hazel on the regular basis helps to fight against tanning the skin from the sun rays and also protects the skin from razor burn. Even men can use this as they do shave on the regular basis. Apply this till the razor bumps goes away.