We all adore thick and bouncy hair full of volume. Dealing with thin hair can sometimes be just as annoying as dealing with naturally curly hair. So, is it possible to achieve more volume even with very thin, fine hair? Of course it is! You just need to put a little extra effort in. Here are some thin hair tips, tricks and hacks that will get you more volume instantly.

INVEST IN A GOOD VOLUME SPRAY: You can buy a good quality volume spray to add an instant bounce to your hair. Bouncy hair appears fuller and thicker. But, make sure you buy a good quality product from a well-known brand as you already have thin hair and wouldn’t certainly want to mess with it!

AVOID APPLYING CONDITIONER AT THE ROOTS: This is the common mistake most of the girls make. Conditioner should not be applied at the roots and scalp. It may not only cause dandruff; but also weigh down your hair making it greasy and flat! Only put conditioner on the bottom ¾ of your hair.

TRY BACK COMBING/ HAIR TEASING:: Back combing is one of the easiest and quickest trick to add an instant volume to your hair. All you need is a rat-tail comb and a hair spray! Part your hair in sections and back comb it gently without being harsh (specially the hair at the top). After you have back combed every section, spray a volumizing holding spray over it.

THE ROLLER METHOD: If you have rollers at home, you may jump with joy as this method not only adds volume to your hair but also makes it incredibly bouncy and fuller! Part your hair in sections and put rollers as usual but make sure you do it on dry hair! After you are done putting the rollers, use a blow drier on hot setting for 5-10 minutes. Make sure you do not use comb after this, you may just do the finger-combing.

HAIR PUFF WITH MESSY PONY TAIL: A hair puff with a messy pony tail will give your hair a bouncy look. You can make a hair puff and secure it with bobby pins in such a way that the pins are not visible. Nit tie a normal high pony tail and curl the ends with a curler. Finally you can tease the pint tail to give it a messy look!

BLOW DRYING IN OPPOSITE DIRECTION: All you need is a blow drier! Wet your hair a bit (not dripping wet) and put all your hair in front of your face bending down. Now, start blow drying your hair from back in opposite direction. After all your hair is dried, put back the hair and wow! Bouncy fuller hair full of volume!

So thin haired girls, say goodbye to flat hair and hello to the bouncy hair full of volume using these simple tricks!