Top DIY Beauty Products using Salt

The use of salt should not be restricted only to kitchen. Salt has huge potential as a beauty ingredient. Easily available and inexpensive that it is, we must not underestimate the power of salt as a beauty product. To learn more about the best ways of incorporating salt into your beauty routine in an effective way, read on!


Foot scrub for baby soft feet:

Massage the foot scrub gently on wet skin. This recipe is effective for removing dead skin cells and for improving circulation. However, don’t go overboard lest you end up bruising or scathing your skin. READ MORE..


Remove blackheads with salt:

Add half a cup of sea salt to a pan of boiling water. Steam your face with it to open up the pores before you go for an exfoliating treatment to deep clean pores. READ MORE…

Bath soak to lessen pruning effect:

Mix one cup of sea salt with some almond oil and a few drops of your favourite essential oil. Add it to your bath for a rejuvenating experience and the best part of using this bath soak is that your toes and fingers don’t look pruned.

Salt Toner for Oily skin

Face toner for oily skin:

Add a teaspoon of salt to a bottle of lukewarm water. Fill it in a spray bottle and use it on your face to lessen that oily feeling. READ MORE…

Refreshing skin-softening scrub:

Mix ½ cup salt, ¼ cup almond oil, ¼ cup aloe vera juice, lavender flowers (dried-1 table spoon) and ten drops of lavender essential oil. While in shower, use this paste for scrubbing dead cells and for hydrating your skin.

SALT HAIR SCRUB to stop hair fall

Hair treatment:

Make a salt hair scrub. Massage your scalp for ten minutes gently with wet fingers. Now wash your hair with shampoo and then, condition as usual. This treatment helps in loosening flakes and absorbing excess oil from scalp. Thus, it helps in removing dandruff and thwarting the growth of fungal infections too! READ MORE…

Salt can be used in a variety of skin and hair treatments without any problem. Making homemade facial masks and body scrubs is easy and since salt is loaded with minerals, it helps in nourishing the skin. The grainy texture works as a wonderful exfoliant. Use salt in your beauty recipes and rediscover a beautiful self!