Top Five Simple natural Astringents to deep clean skin

Astringents would work wonders for your skin, especially if you are one of those oily skinned beauties who hate to sport a shiny nose tip and grimy cheeks in public! Indeed, astringents have a range of application but some of the best known uses include treatment of acnes, controlling sebum secretion and treating open pores on the skin surface. However, if you feel that you have to shell out a lot of money to lay your hands on the bottle of most effective astringent, you are mistaken; you can prepare the astringent of your choice with the easiest homemade astringent recipes that you would come across in this article.

Top Five Amazingly Simple Homemade Astringent Recipes

Rose astringent
Rose astringent: Boil water and pour it in a bowl. Add a few petals of rose that have been thoroughly washed. Soak the petals for 30 minutes and filter out the solution. Add a few drops of lemon essential oil to it. Use this rose water as an astringent to get glowing skin. This is perhaps the easiest yet effective astringent that you can ever make!

Witch hazel and basil astringentWitch hazel and basil astringent: A few basil leaves should be added to water and then, it should be allowed to boil. Once it starts boiling, remove it from the oven and allow the solution to steep for two hours. Filter the solution and now, a few drops of witch hazel should be added. Use it as astringent to get blemish-free clear skin.

Lemon juice astringentLemon juice astringent: Mix water and lemon juice in 3:1 ratio. Make sure that the lemon juice is thoroughly diluted. Use it as an astringent. It has natural bleaching properties and it is great for controlling the secretion of excess oil and treating acnes too. However, make sure that your skin is not allergic to lemon juice.

Apple cider vinegar astringentApple cider vinegar astringent: Mix distilled water and apple cider vinegar in 4:1 ratio. For example, if you take 100 ml of water, take 25 ml of vinegar. Add a few drops of lemon essential oil. Use this solution with cotton pad, on your face and neck, several times a day. It helps to tighten the pores and controls the production of excess oil.

Chamomile and mint astringentChamomile and mint astringent: Take a spoon of chamomile flowers and a spoon of dried mint. Boil them together in two cups of water. Let it cool. Use the solution as an astringent for soothing the skin.

Have you ever tried using homemade astringent for your skin? With such amazingly simple recipes available, you must give it a try. Just use these easily available ingredients to make a magic potion that can have a magical effect on your skin.