Temperature has finally gone up these days and with summer, sweat and melted makeup also comes uninvited. During the daytime, it’s really hard to keep face fresh even with makeup because the temperature just melts the makeup and makes you look like a hot mess. I’m sure you must be hoping to keep makeup intact, melt-proof and matte. Get prepared for the summers because we have some amazing summer-makeup tips to keep makeup Intact.

Primer: Primer is the first step towards melt-proof makeup. A primer basically is used to hold makeup in place for long hour’s even in humid high temperature. A primer is used after moisturizer but before foundation so that you foundation application becomes smooth and hassle-free.

Lighten Makeup: We throw away all the sweaters and blazers as soon as the temperature rises and switch to breezy skirts and cotton blouses. Same way our face makeup should also be switched to lighter makeup. Use tinted moisturizers or bb creams instead of heavy-duty foundations. Sheer formulas work the best in summer because they feel airier on skin and they are less likely to turn cakey due to the humid temperature. For problematic area, you can use concealer and then cover it with powder.

Layer Cream Blush: Powder blushes have the tendency to crack or clump in summers if layered due to the hot temperature. If you want to keep your blush intact then layering powder blush over cream blush can help. Makeup gurus swear by this tip because it not only keep the blush intact but also gives that subtle natural glowing-from-within look. After applying your bb cream, add a dash of cream blush and blend it. Finish by topping some powder blush over it to prolong the life of color on your face.

Powder: Pressed powders or translucent powders can also be savior for your makeup. To get rid of the shine apply powder ion your face concentrating more on the t-zone. These powders will take away the shine without disturbing your makeup and will also add a hint of luminescence.

Keep it cool: Store you beauty products like moisturizers, eye-cream, sunscreen, fragrances, toners, lipsticks, nail paints etc. in the fridge. It’s believed that storing beauty products in fridge makes them last longer than usual just like food. I don’t know if it’s a myth or fact but there’s no harm in trying. Moreover, chilled eye-cream and moisturizer is also good for those who have red skin or puffy skin problems. It can calm down your skin and reduce puffiness.