THE OXYGEN FACIAL - THE NEW BLACK IN BEAUTY REGIMEOxygen facial are the new black in market mainly due to its insta glowing effects over skin. Oxygen facial has proved its results on millions of smiling face around the world. Till now we just had beauty products like creams, serums, shampoo’s which would come with oxygen treatments and promise you for the amazing results. Just imagine, what would your skin look like if we directly penetrate oxygen on the facial tissues? Yes, oxygen facial is all about directly inflating your skin with oxygen and assuring you with clean plump skin.

How does oxygen facial work?

Oxygen facial is mostly carried out by a certified beautician and you can know more about this facial in some grand salons which are equipped with latest technologies. Oxygen facial is done with the help of a pen like tool which is called as air brush and is usually moved over the face. This keeps moving continuously for few minutes until your upper layer of skin is covered completely. This will help to directly inject oxygen in the face which boost up the blood circulation and speeds up the changing of cells. Oxygen facial is suitable for all type of skin and is a boon to people juggling with their dry skin.

The benefits of oxygen over face help to keep your skin moisturised, nourished and also balances the pH value on the face. It reverses the anti-ageing process and gradually fades the fine lines and wrinkles on your forehead. Special care is taken for the skin which lies between the cheeks and nose where you can usually spot large sized pores.

Why oxygen facial?

Yes, we have creams, serums, mask with oxygen in it and we could get the same results just like oxygen facial done in saloons. But there can be unfortunate side of these fancy creams and serums which is used on face. Though the cream is enriched with oxygen molecules and promises to hydrate your skin well, it fails to do so because the molecules are large in size which restricts it to penetrate deep inside the skin and eventually fails to give you the promising results.

Oxygen facial directly inserts the oxygen molecules which are small in size and can easily get penetrated on the skin. You can also pay extra for any anti-ageing serum, protein or vitamin you want to penetrate straight into the upper layer of skin.

The oxygen facial cleans your face and generates new cells which replace the old one. It promises you to deliver bright glowing skin and yes, it does so. It open ups the clogged pores on the skin which results in whiteheads and acnes. The natural oil on your face is usually controlled by the oxygen which makes your face look plump and healthy.

What is the time needed?

Usually you need 45 minutes for one sitting of oxygen facial which constrains you to use makeup for next 48-72 hours. You would be guided by the beautician what to use on face and what not. Mostly every saloon has their designed products which you might need to buy post-facial.


You do not get amazing results in just one sitting of oxygen facial. You need to get it done in every alternate month or at least after 2 months, so you can even buy a combo pack which would cost you less than an individual sitting. You would be able to see amazing results only after 2 or 3 sitting of oxygen facial.

Oxygen facial is a new black in the market, which claims to never fail in benefiting consumers. What about you? Did you think of getting an oxygen facial done?


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