TBS makes some amazing products and some of them suited me very well. So I thought to give this new honeymania hand cream a try. This is new in India and I couldn’t resist myself from picking this. I have dry skin and in this changing weather my hands are lacking moisture. So I have bought it with such great hope. Let’s check how it fared on me!


Packaging– TBS Honeymania hand cream comes in a mustard yellow colored tube which looks exactly like Boroline tubes. Only different is the body color of the tube though the TBS one is a bit glossy. But the cap is exactly same. The cap is tight so the packaging is travel friendly.

Smell, color & texture– This hand cream has very faint yellowish tinge to it which is barely visible. TBS claims that it has community fair trade honey from Ethiopia as ingredient. It smells like honey and the smell is quite bearable and mild. The texture is not exactly as thick creams but it has a emolument type texture which is very soft to touch and gets absorbed easily by the skin.

Performance– This hand cream has got a luxurious texture and it feels very smooth during application. It gets absorbed just after the application and provides instant nourishment to the skin without leaving any greasy residue. But it fails to keep the skin soft for longer duration. Skin feels dry again after some time say 2-3 hours. So this is not a product with long staying or moisturisation power. But it made my elbows soft as I use it on elbows every day before going to sleep.


  • Smells like honey
  • Provides instant moisturisation
  • Makes elbows soft
  • Doesn’t feel heavy
  • Doesn’t leave greasy residue
  • Texture wise very good


  • Pricy
  • Packaging is not that great
  • Doesn’t provide long lasting moisturisation
  • Skin feels dry after 2-3 hours

RBS Rating- 3.8/5

Price- 350 INR for only 30 ml!

Recommendation- I have found the shea whip body lotion is much long lasting compared to this. So I use the shea whip lotion on my hands and I just use this honeymania hand cream on my elbows now. If you have severe dry skin don’t buy this. But if you want light moisturisation for normal to oily skin you can give this a try.