Coffee Lotion Bars

Coffee creams and lotions are widely available but why purchase when you can make your own with some with even more benefits? Lotion bars are getting popularity thanks to the ease of usage and carrying around. Below is a 3-ingredient recipe for coffee lotion bars with skin massaging properties.

Coffee Lotion Bars


Coffee beans- Help improve blood circulation.

Coffee oil- Has skin lightening, moisturizing and anti-pigmentation properties.

Beeswax- Works as a skin moisturizer and hardener in the recipe.

Coffee Lotion Bars


Things you need-


In a jar, add coffee oil and beeswax.

Microwave the mixture and pour it in moulds.

Add coffee beans on top of each mould and refrigerate until solid.

Use the coffee bean side to massage your skin. Rub in the lotion residue for a moisturized skin. READ MORE – JAPANESE BEAUTY TRICK TO MAKE YOUR HAIR GROW SUPER FAST

Coffee Lotion Bars

**Caution- Patch test before using.