SIMPLE AND COOL Father’s Day Gift Ideas

by Debarati Ghosh

This is one of those posts I’m writing from the depth of my heart. Every girl is a princess to her father and you would know that well too. Now it’s time for us to show him some love and happiness this Father’s day.

SIMPLE AND COOL Father's Day Gift IdeasThis year, 21st June is Fathers’ day and here are some ideas to gift your dad something special.

Is your dad foodie? If your dad is a foodie like mine then make him happy by cooking for him on that special day by preparing something special.

Simple gift Ideas: You can create customized diary, pen, apron, wallet etc… – There are several websites and shops that are easily available who create customized gifts which are specially made according to your choice. You can order a pen engraved with your dad’s name. You can make a customized t-shirt with a picture of you and your father or his favorite quote on it.

Cool Gift Ideas – If your dad is a gadget lover or a tech-savvy then you can buy something that he will enjoy using, like an iPod to listen to his favorite music or if he loves to read then you purchase a Kindle book as a gift. 

DIY gift ideas: Surprise your Dad with DIY homemade gift.

The best gift, help in his hobby– This is the best gift a daughter can give his dad. Help him in his hobby. My dad loves gardening and I have decided to spend time with him by gardening along with him. This actually means give him your time and even if you never told him “I love you”, tell him at least this fathers’ day.