Silky Soft Skin – get softer, smoother skin

Keep you and everyone in your skin glowy and smooth, from head to toe with these easy home-made tips to achieve smooth skin perfect skin all year round.

Silky Soft Skin - get softer, smoother skinGET SOFTER,  SMOOTHER SKIN !!

  1. Soften up all over: Dry brush regularly to give your skin a healthy glow naturally. It will increase circulation and remove the top layer of the skin revealing a smoother skin underneath.
  2. Smooth it: Use a homemade scrub to exfoliate dead skin for a softer skin by using coconut oil and sugar while in shower. Massage the scrub all over the skin while in shower and rinse off to soften skin naturally.
  3. p9Firm your skin: Use body oil or olive oil and massage it all over the skin just after shower to lock in moisturize and top it over with a body lotion or moisturizer for a smoother skin.

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