Sewing Machine – Features

Buying a sewing machine can be tricky specially if you are a beginner like me. When I planned to buy a sewing machine it was really hard for me to make my decision right as I was confused on the features a sewing machine should include.

I wanted a basic machine with the best of functions in it. I took the help of the internet and finally drafted my list of features I wanted in my sewing machine and looked for the specific machine that included the important features in it.
The following are some of the basic features you need to look for while buying a sewing machine:

Light weight machine comes with a handle which is eady to carry and store in a closest while not in use.

Automatic Needle threader:
It is a great feature for a beginner. It helps you thread the needle easily and saves your time. You can get the thread instantly through the eye of the needle.

Automatic button hole maker:
It sews a buttonhole in one step and also the button holder comes with the slot to insert the button so that the machine will sew the exact size of the buttonhole.

Adjustable presser foot:
Regulates how tightly the machine holds the fabric while you sew.It comes handy while working with fine fabrics and stretching in knits.

Feed-dog adjustment:The feed dog moves the fabric for a normal stitch.The adjustments help you to move the feed dogs up or down so that you can move the fabric freely and as per your wish. It helps to do free-style stitching, embroidery or darning.

Tension adjustment:
It helps you determine how tight or loose is the flow of the thread. It depends on the fabric you work and also the stitch pattern. You can adjust the stitches accordingly by adjusting the thread tension.

Free arm:
A free arm machine easily sews cuffs and sleeves and any other circular shape. It is an extension table which can be removed from the machine and attached back.

Standard sewing machine stitches include straight stitches, hem and zigzag stitches, however, the choice of extra stitches depends on the model. The sewing machine bought has 57 stitch functions.

The sewing machine I use is the USHA Janome Magic stitch and I love it.

Happy buying !!

Product: USHA janome stitch magic.

Price: Rs.16000