The sense of smell is one of the most powerful five senses that a human has. And the influence of fragrance on human behaviour is not new. It is because of this that the popularity of scented candles continues to grow.

Fragrance in Candle has quite an effect on moods and attitudes. It can be stimulating and positive in the workspace and intimate in your candle-light dinner with your partner.

SCENTED CANDLES FOR AROMATHERAPYScentsy Candles are a unique element in home decor known to create an air of pleasure, romance, positivity and feel-good factor. Not only are they mood-lifting, they spruce up your space with undoubted class and style.
Extremely safe, sootless and non-toxic, these noble flameless candles can even lead up your path to wellness. Ever wondered how does the fragrance spread out from the candle? The aroma from a scented lighted candle finds release through evaporation from the hot wax pool and from the solid candle. Have a look at the scent therapy of the candles that casts magic over your senses.

  • Vanilla: This one is a sweet scent that’s soothing and naturally warming. Brings thoughts of good food and happy childhood memories. Ah, it is an aphrodisiac too!
  • Cinnamon: Wonderful nerve relaxant, Cinnamon aroma candle helps fight fatigue and exhaustion easily and surely. Calms you down in stressful moments.
  • Citrus: Citrus as you know is all about lemon and oranges. Naturally, a citrus scented perfumed candle does mood-lifting and wipes away the stress and anxiety, invigorating you.
  • Lavender: With its nice fragrance and relaxing effect in bedroom and bath, you can be assured of the relief you will get from stress, depression and negativity thanks to the soothing lavender in scented candle.
  • Sandalwood: Normally associated with meditation, sandalwood is known for its relaxing and calming tendencies. As a scented candle, this age old aromatic wood does away with irritation and depression.
  • Rose: The fragrant notes of the beautiful flower rose can never be forgotten. As a scenty candle, it plays a unique role in balancing out the woman’s hormones through its calming properties
  • Jasmine: Most uplifting of essential oils, Jasmine scent is an anti-depressant that calms, relaxes and even builds energy

Tips of Using Scented Candle: Here are some rules that shall enable you to use scented candles to their full potential:

a/ Use Scents in Smaller Spaces: Bathrooms and powder rooms are the best avenues of having a lightly scented candle since it’s a relatively smaller space as compared to a bedroom that’s bigger in dimensions.

b/ Use Right Scent: Citrus scents go well with the kitchen whereas floral scents suit well with the bedroom. After all, the space has a lot to do with the selection of appropriate scented candle too.

c/ Use Right Season: While fruity scents are apt for summers, floral scents are well-matched with spring season.

Now find a reason to pamper your senses with a unique mix of scented candles that would light up your feelings beyond imagination.