Natural Oil Free Makeup

Cornstarch makes a perfect face powder to absorb oil from the skin therefore preventing your makeup from creasing or melting and keeping your skin fresh.

Natural Oil Free Makeup

Use cornstarch to protect your makeup from being oily or greasy.

* Store organic cornstarch in a small container and keep it in your makeup bag. To set your makeup just load your face brush with cornstarch, tap of the excess and  brush a very thin layer as a face powder.

* You can also add a pinch of cornstarch into your foundation for a matte finish.

* For added coverage, mix cornstarch to your mineral foundation powder.

If you have  sensitive skin or if cornstarch irritates your skin then a lighter substitute is to use Arrowroot.

Just remember to remove your makeup, cleanse and exfoliate your face before going to bed in order to prevent breakouts.