Nourish & Moisturise Skin & Hair with avocado oil

If your looking for a good moisturizer to keep your skin and hair hydrated all day long then use avocado oil.¬†Avocado oil is known to be the best natural moisturizer as it is light, easily gets absorbed into the skin and doesn’t clog the pores maintaining clean, healthy and moisturized skin. It also has natural SPF properties that range from 4-15 SPF. Rich in anti-oxidants it helps to heal any damaged skin for a youthful glow.


Skin Oil

  • Body oil: Use it as a facial oil or body oil, apply a small amount on your face as well as your body and massage it in to keep your skin warm and hydrated.
  • Oil cleanser: Use it in the oil cleaning method for a clean and clear skin.
  • Moisturizer: Add a few drops to your regular moisturizer and use it just after shower while your skin is still damp.
  • Bath Oil: Add a few drops to your bath water or body wash for a moisturizing bath.

Hair Oil

  • Frizzy Hair: Avocado oil can be used to tame frizzy, dry or rough hair. It also helps to condition and moisturize the scalp keeping it healthy.
  • Scalp Massage: Use it to massage your scalp to stimulate hair growth.
  • Shiny Hair: Smooth a drop or two of avocado oil on the hair after shower while it is slightly damp to prevent dry, frizzy hair.
  • Soft Hair: For an at home hair spa experience use it along with coconut oil in a hot oil treatments to add a beautiful shine and softness to your hair.
  • Hair Loss: For hair loss or severe damaged hair, use it along with castor oil for an intense repair treatment.