Mason jars can be used for a number of meal options! They can be used to make mason jar desserts, lunches, breakfasts and even dinner. The reason mason jar is used is that you need no mixing or baking, simply put all the ingredients in the jar and eat it. When you put in the spoon, you automatically scoop out the mixture of all ingredients. Mason jar breakfast is a great way to save time in your busy mornings and also have a tasty and healthy breakfast. Here are some easy mason jar breakfast recipes for you:


What you need: To make this recipe you need some cherry jam or cherry pulp cooked in honey/brown sugar, chia seeds, 1 cup rolled oats and almond milk. You can add brown sugar to the oats as well but the cherry jam adds the required sweetness.

Method: Simply mix in the oats and almond milk. Refrigerate it overnight. In the morning, put some oats in the bottom of mason jar, add cherry jam over it followed by chia seeds. Again put a layer of oats and repeat until the jar is filled. Simply put a spoon in the jar and scoop out your tasty cherry oats.


What you need: To make this recipe, you need diced fruits- strawberries, apples, grapes, pineapple, watermelon and whichever fruit you have at present, thick yoghurt, sweetened muesli, honey and whipped cream.

Method: Keep fruits chopped or diced in the night itself and refrigerate. In the morning, add little yoghurt in the bottom of mason jar; follow with honey, muesli and fruits. Again add a layer of yoghurt, honey, muesli and fruits. Do this till the brim and finish off with whipped cream.



What you need: To make this recipe, you need roasted corn, carrots, peas, yoghurt, lettuce, raw tomatoes, some cooked chicken and mayonnaise if you wish and little salt to taste.

Method: You need to roast corn, carrots and peas. Add chicken mixed with mayonnaise at the bottom of the jar and layer it with yoghurt mixed with roasted corn, carrots and peas. If you are not using any chicken, this can be your bottom layer. Layer it with lots of lettuce and repeat the layers.


What you need: To make this, you need 3 eggs, 1 medium sized onion chopped, half tomato chopped, coriander chopped, 2 teaspoons chilli powder, salt as per taste and cheddar cheese.

Method: break eggs in the jar and beat it properly. Now add chilli powder and salt to it. Put in chopped onions, tomatoes and coriander. Give it a good mix and let it stabilize. Put lots of shredded cheddar cheese on top of it and toss it in the microwave. Your jar omelette is ready!