Makeup Kit & Guide For Beginners – Base Makeup

If you’re just beginning to get interested in makeup or have liked makeup for a while but have just started using it regularly, this series is for you! At that time when you’re introducing yourself to this lovely world of makeup, it is crucial to find the right products.
A product that is difficult to work with and requires more practice can make you hate makeup whereas the right products can give you the confidence you need to start experimenting more. Here’s my list of the perfect products for every new makeup lover. They’re drugstore products, easy to find, easy to use and don’t need a huge monetary investment.

Makeup Kit & Guide For Beginners - Base Makeup

BASE: A strong base is what makes a look. To start with, you should try the different types of bases until you figure out which combination you like the most and how to make it work for different occasions and looks. There are 4 very basic elements of the base-

Start with a fresh, clean face and follow up with a moisturizer that has SPF in it.

Prime and Conceal: For a perfect makeup base it is important to use a primer to make your makeup stay put all day long. Use a concealer for dark circles under your eyes and use your fingers to blend it in. Add definition to your lips by using concealer around your lips and also to hide spots, freckles, and blemishes.

BB Cream: A BB cream is a must-have in every makeup kit. A full coverage foundation is too much for daily use and it isn’t good for your skin either. Some days you just need to let your skin breathe and BB creams allow you to do that.

Foundation: Using a foundation brush, a sponge, or your fingers to lightly dab a small amount of the product on your face. Blend the foundation into your skin working in downward and outward strokes so that fine hairs on the skin lie smoothly in the direction of their growth for a flawless finish. For more coverage add another layer of the foundation.

Powder: Take some loose powder with a powder brush, tap off the excess and use it lightly to set the concealer and foundation to make it last long and finish off the makeup.

Tips: You don’t have use all the products listed above if you don’t feel like! You can experiment by using different combinations of them. On most days I use only concealer+powder or BB cream+powder for a flawless finish so don’t be afraid to skip steps. Each of the products recommended above are so versatile that you can never go wrong with them. They’re going to make you feel comfortable with practicing new techniques and looks so that you’re ready to start playing with the others on the market.